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Blended Order Book - Quickly display quotes and orders from multiple venues in a single display ($50/month or $480/year)

The global Blended Order Book object in XENITH enables you to display aggregated Level II and Order Book data. It combines and displays data from multiple venues in a single object, making it easy for you to get a comprehensive overview of how a stock is trading across multiple venues.

Key Features

  • Aggregation of Data – co-mingle and aggregate data across multiple venues
  • Comprehensive Choice of Venues – pick and choose which venues to combine and display
  • Combined or Single Venue Display – "roll up" venues to a common price level or display them individually
  • Tradable Price View – get an accurate picture of the prices that are currently trading by excluding non-tradable prices from the display. This includes prices in Auction, Closed, or Halted status
  • Currency Conversion – normalize and display trading prices in any selected currency
  • Buy/Sell Scenarios – use the embedded calculator to compute transaction values such as total transaction amount and average price per share
  • Tracking of Market Makers and Venues – highlight individual market makers and venues within the book or track them separately

Market Profile - A Time Distribution Analysis that explains Market Behavior ($60/month or $580/year).

Developed by Peter Steidlmeyer, Market Profile allows you to chart the prices traded in a market in the form of a distribution pattern. Market Profile's key components are a user selected price and time interval. These components are combined and displayed in a bell-shaped curve to reveal pricing patterns and value. The curve is fatter at the middle prices with activity trailing off at the higher and lower prices.

Key Features:

  • Market identifier - Market Profile helps you quickly identify the current existing market conditions and recurring behavior patterns.
  • Adjustable time frames - Set your Market Profile for intraday (five minutes, 30 minutes) or interday (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) intervals.
  • Pinpoint market value - As trading activity occurs in the market, the profile graphic shows you where to find value in the market and fair price.
  • Market Conditions - Unlike many indicators and signal based trading systems built for a specific market condition, Market Profile offers an accurate picture of market behavior in any type of market.
  • Directional movement - Useful for both swing and long term traders, Market Profile reveals whether the market is in balance (equal buying and selling taking place) or imbalanced (buying or selling is predominant). This information helps detect possible directional movements early.
  • This charting style is only available for XENITH

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$1780 /yr $165 /mo
Eikon Product of Refinitiv

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Select up to 3 data package(s):
$1780 /yr $165 /mo

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