Sunny Harris' SunnyBands ToolKit

The SunnyBands Indicator is an offshoot of Sunny Harris' DynamicMovingAverage (DMA) indicator. It was designed to investigate both favorable and adverse excursions from the DMA. The "bands" are Average True Ranges away from the DMA.
These bands are NOT like Bollinger Bands, which uses Standard Deviations away from a simple moving average (SMA). Standard Deviations tell the market where it "should" go; ATRs (which I use) ask the market where it has been and is going.   The DMA is smooth and dances seamlessly with the market.

This indicator has two unique qualities. First, the DMA is unlike anyone else's moving average. My DMA calculates its lengths dynamically within the program's mathematical equations. Second, the market moves about as much as it usually moves, which led me to use the Average True Range to measure how much it usually moves.

SunnyBands is designed to hug price and clearly shows when to go short and when to go long.

The DMA Histogram is included in the SunnyBands Toolkit. It displays the difference between the DMA Gold and DMA Purple. Positive values mean the DMA Gold is bullish above the DMA Purple. Gold bars mean the distance is increasing, while red means they are moving closer together. Similarly, negative values mean the DMA Purple is on top, which is bearish. Purple bars mean the distance is increasing, while green means they are moving back together.

In addition, the slope indicator is included and designed to play a crucial role in chart analysis. It shows whether values are in a bullish trend, a bearish trend, or if the stock is not trending.  
As part of this package, you will receive two Skype calls with Sunny Harris. During these Skype calls, Sunny will walk you through the use of these indicators to help ensure that you understand how to utilize them.  

The Sunny Harris SunnyBands Toolkit features a full integration into MetaStock that includes all of the Sunny Harris indicators with templates that make setting up your charts a breeze.  In addition, the Explorations will help you quickly find good opportunities in the market and save time.  The Expert Advisor will point out signals on the chart and include commentary that helps you understand these unique indicators and what they are doing. 

The Sunny Harris' SunnyBands Toolkit includes:


  • SJH - DMA Histogram
  • SJH - DynamicMovingAverage
  • SJH - Slope
  • SJH - SunnyBands


  • SJH - Congestion ( Flat DMA )
  • SJH - Outer Band Excursion Entry Signals
  • SJH - Outer Band Excursions Trade Setups

Expert Advisors:

  • SJH - SunnyBands expert


  • SJH - Dual Chart - 1 and 5 min.mwt
  • SJH - Dual Chart - D and W.mwt
  • SJH - SunnyBands - Dark
  • SJH - SunnyBands - Light.mwt

Sunny Harris' SunnyBands Toolkit includes a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked! Note: SunnyBands Toolkit is excluded from the MetaStock 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

About Sunny J. Harris

Sunny Harris: Author, PhD Mathematician, Mentors in "Trade Along with Sunny", Creator of SunnyBands.

Sunny is a full-time trader (43 years) and frequent contributor to trading magazines and speaker at trading webinars and seminars, who also published Traders' Catalog & Resource Guide (TC&RG)  magazine for 8 years, beginning in 1993.

She sponsors The Money Mentor on the Internet (since 1995), and was rated #1 trader in the under $10 million category  two years in a row, by Stark Research, achieving 365% profit and 178% profit. Ms. Harris’s first book, Trading 101 — How to Trade Like a Pro, sold out in the first two weeks, and continues to be a financial best-seller. Her second book, Trading 102 — Getting Down to Business, was released in October 1998 and also has achieved record sales. In early 2000, Harris released Electronic Day Trading 101, addressing the basics of trading online and through direct access brokerage, followed by Getting Started in Trading in 2001, and TradeStation Made Easy! in 2011 (which won 1st place in the prestigious STAR Awards.) Sunny has now released her 7th & 8th books: The Complete Guide to TradeStation's EasyLanguage & OOEL Programming (Vol I & Vol II) which came out in August 2023.