Rob Hoffman's Pro Trader Pack Elite

For the first time ever, Rob Hoffman's real time alerts and the ability to scan the markets are available to the public exclusively in MetaStock. This means you can see real-time buy and sell signals on your charts. You can also scan the markets to find the securities that meet Rob’s proven criteria. These features have never before been available to the public.

In addition, all the patterns are fully documented using the MetaStock Expert Commentary feature. When you see a Momentum Shift Breakout, for example, the Pro Trader Pack Elite will tell you precisely what you need to do to execute your best trade.

The following are included in Rob Hoffman's Pro Trader Pack Elite:

  • 5 Indicators
    • Hoffman Fast Trigger
    • Hoffman Core Trigger
    • Hoffman Oscillator
    • Hoffman MSR Daily
    • Hoffman MSR Intraday
  • 2 Explorations
    • Hoffman Inventory Retracement Triggers
    • Hoffman Momentum Breaks Triggers
  • 1 Expert Advisor:Hoffman Pro Trader Pack Elite
  • 2 Templates
    • Hoffman Full
    • Hoffman One Chart
  • Real Time Alerts and Full Market Scanning Exclusive to MetaStock:the Pro Traders Pack Elite offers real time alerts as well as full market scanning on the Following Patterns:
    • Inverse Retracement Bar Buy
    • Inverse Retracement Bar Short
    • Reverse IRB Buys
    • Reverse IRB Shorts
    • Momentum Shift Breakout Buy
    • Momentum Shift Breakout Short
    • Momentum Shift with Trend Buy
    • Momentum Shift with Trend short

In addition, the commentary features a "dashboard" view of Rob's favorite indicators. This way you can rapidly identify the market state of the indicators.

You can also greatly reduce your analysis time by scanning the markets to find just the instruments that have an opportunity to buy now.

Rob Hoffman's Pro Trader Pack Elite for MetaStock is Rob's most comprehensive system available to the self directed trader! Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of this of this top market timer and subscribe to this product today.

About Rob Hoffman

With over 25 years of battle-tested experience trading and investing,  30-time domestic and international trading champion Rob Hoffman holds the unique title of winning more real money, on-site trading competitions than anyone else in the entire world.

As the founder of several financial education businesses such as and, Rob is known as a renowned trading educator and has helped audiences worldwide find greater consistency in their trading with his strategies and insights.

As a speaker for top financial institutions around the world and a published author for numerous financial publications, Rob shares his experience and knowledge with retail and institutional traders alike. He drills down into the “where, how and why” traders make frequent missteps, as well as the setups and strategies he uses to trade like an institutional trader and trading champion. Rob has the real and rare experiences to share and help you develop the confidence and consistency to become the day trader, swing trader, or investor you want to be with Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex.

MetaStock compatibility:

Please review our add-on compatibility table to see which versions of MetaStock these add-ons work with.

MetaStock compatibility:please review our add-on compatibility table to see which versions of MetaStock these add-ons work with. Note that certain add-ons require internet access during installation and validation of product ownership.

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