MetaStock Product Return Policy

We offer a 30-day guarantee on every non-subscription MetaStock retail product and on select MetaStock retail products we offer from other companies.

  • The 30-day return period begins on the actual purchase date, and this return policy pertains only to MetaStock products distributed by MetaStock. If the product was purchased from someone other than MetaStock, please contact that company for their return policy.
  • The 30-day return period for MetaStock products not manufactured by MetaStock also begins on the actual purchase date.
  • You will be refunded the entire purchase price of the product(s) you ordered if the product(s) return request is/are received by MetaStock within the 30-day return period
  • Each customer is only allowed one money-back guarantee per product.
  • This 30-day guarantee does not apply to our subscription-based products or data.
  • This 30-day guarantee does not apply to training or educational products. 

If you do choose to return a product to us, please follow these simple (but important) steps:

  1. Call MetaStock at 1-800-882-3040 or chat at and ask your sales representative to assist you with the 30-day guarantee (if applicable to your product)..
  2. On your Windows Taskbar choose START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL. Then double-click the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS icon. Select the MetaStock product you are returning, then select REMOVE. This will remove the product.
  3. If you paid with a credit card, MetaStock will refund your money to your credit card. If you paid by check, a check will be issued.