Institutional Solutions

MetaStock Pro for Refinitiv Eikon

MetaStock Pro for Refinitiv Eikon is MetaStock's solution for the institutional professional investor space. MetaStock Pro for Refinitiv Eikon empowers you with advanced, fully customizable analytical capabilities, and comprehensive, cross asset data, so that you can optimize your trading strategies.

You can create, update and customize charts and analysis for instruments you are following. With automatic buy/sell indicators and guidance from leading technical analysis experts incorporated into the solution, MetaStock Pro helps you make effective trading decisions, and the back-testing capabilities ensure that your trading strategies stay on target.

MetaStock Pro for Refinitiv Eikon is designed for institutional clients who use inter- and intra-day data to trade in real-time throughout the trading day, however, it is also a valuable tool for portfolio managers, wealth managers and mutual fund managers who take a longer investment view. It provides powerful analysis tools to help users make informed decisions about what securities to buy and sell, and when to execute a trade to ensure the best possible outcome.

There are many out-of-the-box and easy-to-use trading scenarios available, which users can choose to customize to fit their particular trading style. The solution offers backtesting and optimization capabilities, along with the ability to create sophisticated alerts, and to screen and rank multiple, cross asset securities.

Additional Information

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