MetaStock Formula Primer

Create a MetaStock formula with confidence, and apply it to your trading strategy

The MetaStock formula language offers an additional level of flexibility and power to users who want to create a trading system using their own criteria. The MetaStock formula language involves some basic programming concepts which are covered in depth in the Formula Primer I and Formula Primer II. Users will be amazed at how easily they can create a MetaStock formula with confidence, and apply it to their trading strategy.

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Formula Primer I

The Formula Primer I explains in small incremental steps, what the MetaStock formula language is, how it works, and is the perfect starting point for beginners. The Formula Primer I includes the MetaStock formula functions and how they can be used to create simple indicators, systems tests, or explorations.

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Formula Primer II

The Formula Primer II expands on the ground work presented on the Formula Primer I, going over advanced formula concepts and logic. It is strongly recommended that users be comfortable with the MetaStock formula language and all the concepts presented in the first formula primer.

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