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Trading experts, Greg Morris, Martin Pring, Dr. Stephen Cooper, Mark Leibovit, and Kevin Nelson discuss why they use and recommend MetaStock charting software.

"As far as Technical Support from Equis is concerned, I *know* it is excellent. I am a Level 2 Support Specialist for IBM's Large Servers ($1M to $100 M Systems), and I can identify with many of the customer satisfaction issues you are measuring, because we are measured on response time, courtesy, and time-to-resolution as well. Thank you again for your support. It *is* appreciated."

  - Dr. J. Hughey

"Before purchasing your product in May, I researched the market for technical analysis software - both for content and price. I am satisfied I bought the best."

  - MetaStock Customer

"This is a great teaching method for novice and experienced investors alike. I find myself using them every day and would now be lost without them."

  - Gene SwensonIndividual Investor

"Using technical analysis in MetaStock has let me become a much more sophisticated trader. Indicators, and especially being able to program patterns in conjunction with indicators, have given me much better entry and exit points. Combinations of indicators and custom programming help me make better selections on the stocks I will buy, and help me determine when to buy."

  - Bob Frassanito

"The new indicators and line studies continue to expand on an area where MetaStock leads. You can 'program' these indicators into other platforms, but why take the time when MetaStock has done it for you. A big plus!"

  - Arthur HaynerMarket Analyst

"I learned more in this training, in a short period of time, than anything else... period. There is so much information that I keep going back and rewatching the video and then using what I have learned in MetaStock. I only wish I had this training earlier."

  - N. Joel

"MetaStock works. You use it and it provides all the necessary tools for an investor to make an enlightened and intelligent trading decisions. All that is left for the trader to do is make the appropriate decisions. Unfortunately, MetaStock cannot make the actual trade for you. But short of that, this is one of the best investment trading tools available."

  - Benjamin Moore MetaStock User Group Leader

"As a professional trader, I am always looking for an advantage. MetaStock gives me that advantage. It's like having a 24 hour trading partner working just for me. My partner saves me time and money by doing analytics and crunching the numbers while I work on other analyses. Put your partner to work for you and get the MetaStock advantage."

  - Robert Deel

"I chose MetaStock after talking with other investors and professional traders who had used both MetaStock and other trading programs. There seemed to be a consensus regarding ease of use, support, and other features. Using standard charting and technical indicators has tremendously improved my trading results – I consider MetaStock a 'force multiplier'."

  - Doug Thompson

"It is a very flexible software. You can do many things with it to accomplish your goals--not what someone else may think are your goals."

  - MetaStock Customer

"MetaStock is obviously made by people who understand trader's needs. It's a complete package that's easy to use, no matter what kinds of securities you trade. It's the single tool that's allowed me to fine-tune my trading approach, pursue my avocation and build a satisfying retirement."

  - Michael Alakel

"The Enhanced System Tester has been improved to the point where I have been able to build better Explorer Systems. Thus I can concentrate more time on optimizing each new trade."

  - George Pitcher

"I see charts made by MetaStock in various publications such as 'Stocks and Commodities' magazine, and the great number of 'Reader's Choice' awards it has received. As a 17 year customer this summer, over the years I have found nothing close to as powerful or user friendly as MetaStock."

  - MetaStock Customer

"MetaStock Professional is so powerful, simple and fast. I was able to program my hard-to-compute proprietary indicators and scans within minutes of installation. The explorations are lightning fast and tech support is both knowledgeable and willing to help. MetaStock is invaluable to me."

  - Tony GolanPublisher, Technical AnalystThe Momentum Stock Trader

"Traders work with charts so it is great to see system test results and equity curves in graph format."

  - Daryl GuppyTrade expert and best-selling author

"It's easy to use. It's easy for me to formulate my own custom indicators and test new theories. When I started out with an earlier version of MetaStock I knew nothing about technical analysis of the stock or futures market. I learned the basics from your early and excellent manuals...and then followed through with my own experiments and paper-trading. It's my immodest opinion that I've been a fairly successful investor and trader during my retirement years -- and a lot of my financial satisfaction has been due to MetaStock."

  - MetaStock Customer

"Traders work with charts so it is great to see system test results and equity curves in graph format."

  - Daryl GuppyTrade expert and best-selling author

"The first time I used QuoteCenter, I was overwhelmed by the flood of information that it gave me. Over 700 hundred financial data fields, fundamental and technical indicators, charts, ranking lists, OptionWatch and up-to-date Reuters news. But now, after some hours of work with the pre-built workspaces, I'm so happy to call this incredible tool my own. It's so easy to use and gives me so much information at a great price;I never want to miss it! My only criticism to Reuters is:Why do you wait so long, until you offered this tool to the private investor?"

  - Christoph

"I'm 56 and got my first computer five years ago. Unlike people who have grown up with PCs, I don't have an intuitive grasp on doing things with the technology. I have to get out the manual and work at it. It takes time and effort. …That's why I was so struck with [MetaStock's] new process. Good technology is 'invisible'. The new process is 'invisible'. You don't have to do anything at all. BIG BENEFIT. I don't know what your target demo is, but I'll guess it includes quite a few people like me who hate hassles."

  - John, Las Vegas (on the historical data CD and one-button downloading)

"I just upgraded to Version 9.0 and was shocked at how easy it makes data collection. You really ought to make it more clear about how data collection and organization are simplified. '…gives you a self-extracting Data CD, and introduces one-button data downloading' doesn't do justice to the improvement you've made. Your really ought to high-light the benefit of the 'one-button download'. It's worth every penny of the upgrade cost."

  - John, Las Vegas

"I think MetaStock is an excellent charting software package and I would never think of switching. It's too user friendly and the support over the years has been nothing short of superb."

  - MetaStock Customer

"I discovered a review of MetaStock in a magazine. The review sounded too good to be true – I would have been happy if MetaStock did only half of what the review said that it could do. As it turned out, MetaStock did more."

  - Michael Alakel

"Upgrading to a new version of MetaStock is always a no-brainer for the serious investor. Equis always adds many new features that help both novice and advanced investors."

  - Gene Swensen

"The indicators and advisors added with each upgrade continually give me new approaches to explore."

  - Luke McGarry

"I was simply blown away at the Chicago seminar when I saw the demonstration of software and plug in companions. I know of no other software for the price that has the magnitude of scanning indicators or charting tools that MetaStock has."

  - MetaStock Customer

"The power of The Explorer has been enhanced to the point where it greatly reduces the number of securities I have to review in finding new buys. This not only reduces the amount of time I must spend finding new securities, but now I can more carefully examine a smaller, more targeted group. This has increased my profits greatly while decreasing the amount of time spent."

  - George Pitcher

"Ease of use and power are not often terms that can be used together when describing a software package. That is how I would describe MetaStock. MetaStock's charting capabilities are second to none. In fact, they are so superior to what else is available – and I own several different packages – that there is no comparison."

  - Joel BeckFull time equities trader

"The System Tester can now do multiple securities in multiple time frames on multiple systems. That is what is required of a thorough testing system. The fancy looks of the system tester are good, but the robustness of the actual system testing is what makes the program shine."

  - Bijan Khezri

"Ease of use and power are not often terms that can be used together when describing a software package. That is how I would describe MetaStock. MetaStock's charting capabilities are second to none. In fact, they are so superior to what else is available – and I own several different packages – that there is no comparison."

  - Joel BeckFull time equities trader

"...traders now have tools that are unavailable anywhere else. Traders can test multiple systems across multiple securities. Traders can even optimize these systems as they compare them against one another. As an equities trader, this powerful capability gives me confidence in knowing that I'm trading the most profitable – and more importantly – the most robust system for the securities I trade."

  - Joel Beck Full time equities trader

"Often people who know I'm trading very successfully want to know how I do it. I tell them about MetaStock."

  - Kevin Campbell

"MetaStock has the flexibility to allow the user to program and test all kinds of variables when running various systems. It also has a number of outside organizations writing plug ins that can be used with the program. It all adds up to a powerful method of stock technical analysis. I've used it for years but have only scratched the surface of some of it's features. One can go as deep into the program as interest and time permit."

  - MetaStock Customer

"Systematic trading has dramatically improved my returns and drawdowns. I'm easily beating the indexes and not taking an inordinate amount of risk. Prior to MetaStock I tried one trading concept after another, and was essentially break-even – not without many gut wrenching moments though. Trading is now objective and simple for me. I just follow the signals. And through extensive back-testing, I have confidence that my system will be highly profitable in the future."

  - Kevin Campbell

"I have been using MetaStock for about 4 1/2 Years and have tried numerous other programs, but have always returned to MetaStock. I especially like the changes made in 9.0, I am now able to scan sectors, etc. I am using ICE and find that the best plug in put out to date, and I have quite a few. I believe that MetaStock is a great program and can be customized to match the way that I trade."

  - MetaStock Customer

"The new System Tester is very clear and easy to use. Processes are logical, clear, and easy to access using step though screens. Testing multiple securities is a breeze."

  - Daryl Guppy

"I was very impressed with the level of support. Actually, I was astonished;I am used to getting very little support from software vendors. This was a very pleasant surprise. Thank you very much."

  - Fred B.

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