Buff Dormeier's Analysis Toolkit

Buff Dormeier's Analysis toolkit includes 24 custom indicators and 2 custom-built strategies built to bring meaning to the price and volume relationship

If price is the market's testimony, then volume must be the market's polygraph.

More than any other indicator, volume tells you the real force and extent of investors' convictions about current prices. By understanding the market's volume-oriented "lie detector tests," you can uncover market trends sooner, with more reliability, thus well positioned to capture the profits those trends might deliver.

Buff Dormeier’s Analysis Toolkit provides a majority of the volume indicators discussed in Investing With Volume Analysis, 2013 Technical Analysis Book of the Year, and 2012 Trader Planets Top Book Resource.

Through MetaStock’s Expert Advisor, learn from Buff Dormeier one of the world’s authorities on volume analysis and the 2007 Charles H. Dow Award (one of the most prestigious awards in all of Technical Analysis) winner.

Gauge fear and greed via Dormeier’s proprietary volume analysis, The Market Position Stock setup system. MPS builds on the Trend and Volume coordinates to identify breakouts and sustainable trends. Moreover, follow these trends with risk accounted for via the AVSL-  Anti Volume Stop Loss.

Buff Dormeier’s Analysis toolkit includes 24 custom indicators and 2 custom-built strategies built to bring meaning to the price and volume relationship.

Included Components 


  • BD Volume Trend Momentum
  • BD Volume Trend Thrust


  • BD Volume Trend Momentum
  • BD Volume Trend Thrust

Systems Tests

  • BD Volume Trend Momentum
  • BD Volume Trend Thrust

Expert Advisers

  • BD Volume Trend Momentum
  • BD Volume Trend Thrust


  • BD AntiVolume Stop Loss Short
  • BD Antivolume Stop Loss
  • BD Buff Spread
  • BD Ease of Movement
  • BD Effective Volume
  • BD Enhanced/Modified Williams %R
  • BD FVE
  • BD FVE - %B
  • BD FVE - Lin Reg Slope
  • BD MVPT Indicator
  • BD TTI
  • BD Twiggs Money Flow
  • BD Up Down Volume Ratio
  • BD VFI 
  • BD VFI Simplified
  • BD Volume (Down,Red)
  • BD Volume (Neutral,Blue)
  • BD Volume (Up,Green)  
  • BD Volume Price Confirmation Indicator 
  • BD Volume Weighted MA
  • BD Volume Weighted MACD
  • BD Volume Zone Oscillator
  • BD VCPI Stochastics

About Buff Dormeier

Buff Dormeier, CMT is the Chief Technical Analyst of Kingsview Partners. He provides three important roles to Kingsview’s clientele that of an advisor, analyst, and portfolio manager. Armed with proprietary indicators and investment programs, Buff dynamically advises financial advisors, RIAs, as well as affluent and institutional clientele on strategies to help meet their specific investment objectives in what are often uncertain investment climates. 

As an advisor, Buff has been named a “Best in State Wealth Advisor” by Forbes. As an analyst in 2007, Buff’s technical research was awarded the Charles H. Dow Award, distinguishing him as the only financial advisor to thus far win the Award. The Charles H. Dow Award is considered one of the most important recognitions in the field of technical analysis. 

As an accomplished portfolio manager applying advanced technical/quant analysis, some simply refer to Buff as “the geek”. His contributions to portfolio management have been esteemed in Technical Analysis and Behavioral Finance in Fund Management, a book containing interviews with accomplished portfolio managers all of whom utilize technical analysis in portfolio management.

However, Buff considers himself to be an evangelist of sorts. He enjoys sharing his investment theories as a foremost expert on volume analysis presenting at international conferences such as Latin America’s Portfolio Manager’s Conference and the World Money Show. An award-winning author (2012’s Technical Analyst Book of the Year / Trader Plant’s Top Book Resource 2011), Buff literally wrote the book on “Investing with Volume Analysis ”partnering with the Financial Times Press, Pearson Publishing and the Wharton School. Buff’s research has been further featured with press partners including Barron’s, Stock’s & Commodities, Futures and Active Trader magazines, The Financial Times, CNBC, Market Watch as well as a variety of technical journals.