MetaStock Solutions for Educators

MetaStock has partnered with some of the best trading educators in the world.

MetaStock is a powerful tool for traders… and their educators.

MetaStock has partnered with some of the best trading educators in the world. We help our partners succeed by providing all of the necessary support and training for MetaStock. This allows educators to do what they do best… educate. Best of all, both you and your students get all the benefits and services of MetaStock, a world leader in Technical Analysis software.

For over 25 years MetaStock has been dealing with just the sort of people that make great brokerage clients. Traders from all over the world use our software and data to trade stocks, futures, FOREX, options and more. Best of all, since we provide no brokerage services, this leaves the door open to our brokerage partners.

Why you should partner with MetaStock:

  • Recognition: MetaStock is used by hundreds of thousands of traders in 90 different countries
  • Stability: MetaStock has been in business for over 25 years.
  • Awards: MetaStock has been rated best software in its price category by Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine for eighteen years in a row.
  • Tremendous Market Breadth: MetaStock provides a unique value to domestic and international partners by offering data from practically any corner of the world. Our data is powered by Refinitiv, a global leader in market data. Data offerings
  • Quality: Refinitiv news, fundamental data, and technical data are available to all clients.
  • Profitability: very competitive revenue shares for partners.
  • Services: Free platform, data service, and a free MetaStock Developers Kit for qualifying partners.

Why MetaStock is the tool for you and your students:

  • Customize the MetaStock Explorer™ to screen your markets of choice using your criteria.
  • Create Expert Advisors™, with alerts, buy and sell signals, and highlights.
  • Reinforce the concepts you teach using commentary that explains your methodologies to your students in real time.
  • Create indicators according to your custom specifications.
  • Easily give or sell your custom studies to students using self-extracting files.
  • We provide value-added offers and promotions to you and your students who purchase MetaStock.
  • Free web training, both live and recorded.
  • “Excellent” customer support as rated by our own clients – and it’s FREE.

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