Unlock High Voltage Trades using Volume Profile

Volume Profile combines price and volume on a chart to identify price levels at which securities trade. Using this information savvy traders can OBJECTIVELY identify support and resistance, the point of control, and the value zone at which a security can be bought.

The Volt add on for MetaStock is designed to combine Volume Profile, Volume Weighted Average Price, and the price of the security to identify it Voltage. By Scanning for stocks that are in their point of control and have High Voltage you are able to identify stocks that are likely to have a high energy breakout.

In this one hour session, John Slauson and Jeff Gibby will show you how to:

. Calculate Volume Profile
. Objectively identify support and resistance on a chart using Volume
. Identify the Point of Control on a chart (and how to use it)
. Combine Volume Profile, Point of Control, and VWAP to get clear entry setups.
. Use the Metastock Explorer to identify the highest Voltage setups

About John Slauson:

John Slauson worked for MetaStock from 1988 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2014. In addition to his role as MetaStock Product Manager and other positions, he was heavily involved in the creation of some of the earliest MetaStock Add-ons including those from John Murphy, John Bollinger, and Steve Nison. Between 2001 and 2008 his company Adaptick created some of the most popular Add-ons of all-time, including ICE, FIRE, and PowerStrike. John later went on to work as a Product Manager for a software company that helps compliance officers and regulators detect patterns of illegal trading activity.

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