Trading When the Odds Are Stacked in Your Favor

MetaStock is a powerful platform with perhaps the most advanced signal scanner on the market. It allows you to quickly scan for entry signals through hundreds of thousands of symbols. But herein also lies the challenge. Since we can’t trade them all, how do we know which signals have the best odds of resulting in a successful trade?

You have heard it all before.

· Trade when the odds are stacked

· Focus on what is working and skip what is not working

· Select high probability entries

This all sounds great in theory, but these are not practical recommendations without the right indicators and tools. Well, until now.

We have developed a set of intelligent indicators which not only give clear entry and exit signals but also tell you, historically speaking, how well the signals have been working out. Each long or short signal comes with a statistical success rate – giving you hard evidence of how well the signals have been performing.

This is invaluable information for you as a trader, as it allows you to truly make an informed trading decision and only trade when the odds are empirically stacked.

Don’t miss out on my talk. These game-changing indicators, paired with the power of MetaStock’s Scanner will revolutionize the way you trade!

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