Smart Trading Using the NEW TradingTotal ST Alerts System for MetaStock

TradingTotal-USA will present its proved methodology based on the use of the TradingTotal ST Alerts System for MetaStock.
During the presentation, you will have the chance of learning about:
How the TradingTotal Alert System works and what alerting elements build the system up

How to get valuable help from Trading Total SMOM and Volatility Index proprietary indicators

How to understand the different alerts to define either an aggressive or a conservative position

How to precisely execute the entry according to the BUY/SELL alerts

How to determine the best original stop loss according to your trading style and risk profile

How to manage the recently taken position to maximize your profits and to protect your principal

How to find high quality set-up candidates using the MetaStock Explorer screening capability

Analyzing multiple examples in daily, intraday and weekly time frames

The Webinar will be presented by Eduardo Gils, co-founder and CEO of TradingTotal, an educational trading company devoted to algorithmic trading and education through the use of its proprietary technological trading systems.
Eduardo Gils is Chemical Engineering, former University Professor of Physics (UDELAR-Montevideo), professional trader of futures, stocks and options, specialized in algorithmic trading in every time frame as well as robotic trading in micro-time frames.
Eduardo Gils has more than 30 years of experience trading energy derivatives such as petrochemicals and crude oil, in both, physical and financial modalities, as well as a financial trader of stocks, ETF’s, indexes, etc.

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