1-2-3 Tops and Bottoms presented by David Derricott

In this one-hour session. David will discuss a simple 1-2-3 pattern that removes emotions from trading. This pattern will help identify:

• Potential reversal patterns in any instrument
• Clear Entry, Exit, & Risk Price Points
• Spot Easy-to-Trade Setups for the Day and Swing Trader

David will show you how to identify all active 1-2-3 patterns in the market and get crystal clear potential buy signals.

David Derricott has been at MetaStock for 18 years as one of the top sales professionals. During his time at MetaStock he has extensively presented to traders all over the world in online webinars and our live presentations.

David has spoken on a wide variety of trading topics including Stocks, Futures, FOREX and Crypto-currencies. He focuses on helping traders by taking the time to understand their needs, then mentoring them on ways to use MetaStock to identify opportunities based on the way they want to trade.

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