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STIX Oscillator

STIX oscillator is a short-term trading oscillator that was published in The Polymetric Report. It compares the amount of volume flowing into advancing and declining stocks.


STIX is based on a variation of the Advance/Decline Ratio:

A/D Ratio = (Advancing Issues /(Advancing Issues + Declining Issues)) * 100

The STIX is a 21-period exponential moving average of the above A/D Ratio. In MetaStock this would be:

STIX = Mov((Advancing Issues /(Advancing Issues + Declining Issues)) * 100,21,E)

To construct the STIX in MetaStock for Windows you would need to perform the following steps:

  • In The DownLoader for Windows create a composite of the Advancing Issues + Declining Issues.
  • In MetaStock open the composite and the Advancing Issues
  • Tile the charts so they can both be viewed.
  • Drag the plot of the composite into the chart of the Advancing Issues.
  • Create the custom formula: Mov((C/P)*100,21,E)
  • Plot this formula on top of the composite plot in the Advancing Issues chart. (The composite's plot will turn a purplish color when the formula is going to be plotted on it)
  • You can then drag that new plot to a separate inner window if you prefer.

For interpretation refer to The Polymetric Report.

For additional help with formulas, please see the Formula Primer.

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