Custom Formula Collection

Rate of Change Since a Specific Date

The following formula plots a percent rate of change between a specific date and today. The user is prompted for the specific date. This will only work in MetaStockTM for Windows 95/NT version 6.5 (or higher) or in MetaStock Professional.

Construct the formula in the Indicator Builder, giving it the name shown below in bold. All the text after "FORMULA:" and before "*END OF FORMULA*" below should be placed in the Formula field in the Indicator Builder. Once the indicator has been created, you can drag it out of the Indicator Quicklist for placement in an inner-window of your chart.

NAME: ROC Since a Date


Day1 := Input("Day",1,31,4);
Month1 := Input("Month",1,12,1);
Year1 := Input("Year",1900,2400,1999);

100 * (CLOSE - ValueWhen(1,DayOfMonth() = Day1 AND Month() = Month1 AND Year() = Year1, CLOSE))/ ValueWhen(1,DayOfMonth() = Day1 AND Month() = Month1 AND Year() = Year1,CLOSE)

For additional help with formulas, please see the Formula Primer.

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