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Dynamic Momentum Oscillator

In July 1996 Futures magazine, E. Marshall Wall introduces the Dynamic Momentum Oscillator (Dynamo). Please refer to this article for interpretation.

He describes the Dynamo Oscillator to be:

Dynamo = Mc - ( MAo - O )


  • Mc = the midpoint of the oscillator
  • MAo = a moving average of the oscillator
  • O = the oscillator

This concept can be applied to most any oscillator to improve its results.

For example, applying the Dynamo Oscillator to a 5-period %K slowed 3 periods Stochastic Oscillator would give:



  • Mc = Stochastic Oscillator's midpoint = 50
  • MAo = Moving average of the Stochastic = Mov(Stoch(5,3),21,S
  • O = Stochastic Oscillator = Stoch(5,3)

This example applies it to an RSI oscillator:



  • Mc = RSI's midpoint = 50
  • MAo = Moving average of the RSI = Mov(RSI(14),21,S
  • O= RSI Oscillator = RSI(14)

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