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Polarized Fractal Efficiency

The January 1994 issue of Stocks &
featured an article by Hans Hannula on Polarized Fractal Efficiency. Here is the custom formula for creating the five-period smoothed 10-day PFE using MetaStock:

Polarized Fractal Efficiency

Mov(If(C,>,Ref(C,-9),Sqr(Pwr(Roc(C,9,$),2) + Pwr(10,2)) / Sum(Sqr(Pwr(Roc(C,1,$),2)+1),9),- Sqr(Pwr(Roc(C,9,$),2) + Pwr(10,2)) / Sum(Sqr(Pwr(Roc(C,1,$),2)+1),9))*100,5,E)

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