Case Study - Robert Colby

In my thirty-four years of technical research, I believe that I have seen all of the analytical tools available. I selected MetaStock software exclusively for my research in producing my new book. Equis International, the company that produces MetaStock, offered me no incentives to select their software. I used MetaStock for conducting my research, for producing my statistical tables, and for printing my charts. I selected MetaStock for its wide-range of powerful capabilities, its flexibility, its ease of use, and its affordability.

I chose MetaStock because it provides the following:

  • A very large number of analytical tools, including more than 120 easy-to-use, built-in indicators that require no formula writing. Onscreen interpretations show you how to use each indicator.
  • Ability to explore unlimited possibilities. You can modify indicators, mix and match combinations of indicators, and create your own entirely new indicators to suit your needs.
  • Remarkable flexibility--MetaStock can be adapted to work with any variables, any technical or fundamental indicators, or any combinations of different variables.
  • System Testing for indicator research and development, with the ability to back-test indicators on historical data without risking any money.
  • Optimization--this allows you to research and develop indicators that would have maximized Reward/Risk performance over actual past market data. You can fine-tune your trading system. MetaStock can test every possible parameter set and automatically rank the profit and loss results for you.
  • You can prove or disprove your ideas by conducting realistic, walk-forward simulation.
  • Flexible, customizable and advanced charting capabilities, including nine different charting styles.
  • MetaStock Explorer(TM) can scan thousands of securities to find and rank the ones that meet your customizable criteria.
  • Expert Systems, Expert Advisor(TM), Expert Alerts, Expert Commentary, and Expert Symbols offer guidance, tutoring, assessments, monitoring your securities, and flagging special conditions.
  • MetaStock Performance Systems(R), New Performance Systems(TM) and 10 Explorations are designed to increase profitability and decrease risk.
  • Built-in extras include Web Browser, Online Trading Capability, Tutorial, Historical Data on CD, Training on CD, and Technical Support.

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