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MetaStock D/C$499.00


MetaStock Subscriptions
MS Datalink All Regions Subscription$117.00 /mo$1,120.00 /yr
MS Datalink Americas &Europe/ME/Africa Subscription$88.00 /mo$845.00 /yr
MS Datalink Americas and Asia/Pacific Subscription$88.00 /mo$845.00 /yr
MS Datalink Asia/Pacific Subscription$59.00 /mo$565.00 /yr
MS Datalink Europe/ME/Africa &Asia/Pacific Subscription$88.00 /mo$845.00 /yr
MS Datalink Europe/Middle East/Africa Subscription$59.00 /mo$565.00 /yr
MS Datalink North/South America Subscription Package$59.00 /mo$565.00 /yr

MetaStock Pro
MetaStock R/T$1,395.00
MetaStock R/T Software Subscription $100.00 /mo$960.00 /yr

MetaStock XENITH
MetaStock XENITH Asia/Pacific Data$150.00 /mo$1,440.00 /yr
MetaStock XENITH European, Middle Eastern, &African Data$150.00 /mo$1,440.00 /yr
MetaStock XENITH FX Data$99.00 /mo$950.00 /yr
MetaStock XENITH North/South American Data$150.00 /mo$1,440.00 /yr
MetaStock XENITH Worldwide Futures, Commodities, &Derivatives Data$150.00 /mo$1,440.00 /yr

MetaStock XENITH Add-Ons
Blended Order Book$50.00 /mo$480.00 /yr
Market Profile for MetaStock XENITH$60.00 /mo$580.00 /yr

MetaStock XENITH Exchanges*
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange$0.00
Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand$0.00
Amman Stock Exchange$5.00
Athens Derivatives Level 1$1.43
Athens Securities Level 1 (includes ATHEX Indices)$1.43
Australian Stock Exchange$16.09
Baltic Exchange Full Service (Routes)$75.68
Baltic Exchange Limited (Headline Service)$29.74
Beirut Stock Exchange - Lebanon$5.50
BME Spanish Exchange Derivatives Level 1$2.28
BME Spanish Exchange Equities L1+L2$17.08
Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles (BME) Spanish Exchange All Indices$1.23
Borsa Istanbul Indices$1.87
Bourse de Casablanca$4.28
Bourse de Montreal Level 1$5.98
Bourse de Montreal Level 1 - resident$6.32
Bourse Montreal Level 1 - Delayed Data$0.00
BOVESPA Eq &Index L1+L2$19.26
BOVESPA Eq &Index L1+L2 Resident$9.65
BOVESPA EQ &INDX L1+L2 (Ouside Brazil)$3.21
BOVESPA EQ &INDX L1+L2 (Resident)$1.61
Bratislava Stock Exchange$11.41
BSE India Derivatives Market Level 1 (Non-Resdient)$16.09
BSE India Derivatives Market Level 1 (Resident)$9.77
BSE India Indices$1.14
BSE India Indices (Resident)$1.20
BSE Ltd$13.97
BSE Ltd (Resident)$8.48
Bucharest Stock Exchange$1.32
Budapest Stock Exchange Level 1 Package$1.43
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange$32.10
Bursa Malaysia Derivatives BMX$1.00
Bursa Malaysia Realtime Equities Market$4.28
Calcutta Stock Exchange$0.00
Canadian Exchange Group (Toronto SE &TSX Venture Exchange)$12.72
Canadian National Stock Exchange (Resident)$2.00
CBOE Futures Exchange$16.26
Chicago Board of Trade$90.10
Chicago Mercantile Exchange - e-minis only$42.40
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (includes all e-minis)$90.10
Chicago Mercantile Exchange S&P Indices$4.28
Chicago Mercantile Exchange S&P Indices Delayed$3.21
Chile Electronic Exchange$21.40
China Financial Futures Exchange$24.00
China Financial Futures Exchange (Resident)$4.50
China Indices Real Time Market Data Services (CHID)$4.54
China Indices Real Time Market Data Services (Resident)$4.84
Chi-X Australia Exchange$14.35
Colombia Stock Exchange - Equity and Indices$39.86
Colombia Stock Exchange Derivatives L1$21.20
CSE Listed Securities Only$2.00
Cyprus Stock Exchange Level 1$1.22
Dalian Commodity Exchange Level 1$10.00
Dalian Commodity Exchange Level 1 (Resident)$5.00
Derivex Derivatives Level 1$11.34
Deutsche Boerse AG Eurex Ultra Level 1$9.12
Deutsche Boerse Indices$1.24
Deutsche Boerse MIFID OTC Trades$9.48
Deutsche Borse Volatility Indices$3.56
Dubai Financial Markets$5.35
Dubai Gold and Commodities Level 2$10.00
Dubai Mercantile Exchange$53.50
Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGID) L1+L2$16.05
Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGID) L1+L2 (Resident)$17.01
Euronext All Indices$1.20
Euronext Cash BBO10$1.14
Euronext Commodity Derivatives Level 2$18.22
Euronext Currency Derivatives Level 1$2.14
Euronext Equity &Index Derivatives Level 1$40.99
Euronext MIFID Trade Reporting$10.00
Euronext Non-Professional Package$1.22
European Energy Exchange Spot and Derivatives Market$9.48
FTSE International Indices$5.36
FTSE ST &STI Indices$12.84
FTSE/Athex Indices$2.44
Germany Spot Market$19.38
Germany Spot Market Level 2$25.08
Germany Spot Market Regional Exchanges$0.00
Hang Seng Index$2.07
Hanoi Stock Exchange$10.00
HKEX - Hong Kong Futures Exchange$3.45
HKeX Hong Kong Stock Exchange Options$3.21
Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange$10.00
Hong Kong Stock Exchange L1+L2$25.73
IBOXX EUR and GBP Overall Package$193.76
ICE Endex Futures$117.70
ICE Futures Canada - Non-Resident$22.68
ICE Futures Canada - Resident$19.93
ICE Futures Europe - Commodities$117.70
ICE Futures U.S. (includes CSCE, NYCE, FINEX, NYFE)$117.70
Indonesia Stock Exchange$5.00
Irish Stock Exchange (Xetra)$13.68
Irish Stock Exchange Indices$1.00
Istanbul Stock Exchange - Equities Level 1$12.82
Istanbul Stock Exchange F&O Level 1+$9.01
Istanbul Stock Exchange F&O Level 1+ (resident)$6.69
Italian e-MID Market$28.54
Italian Stock Exchange$1.00
Jakarta Futures Exchange$0.00
Johannesburg Stock Exchange Indices$3.00
Johannesburg Stock Exchange Level 1$8.77
JSE Commodities Derivatives$5.24
JSE Equities Derivatives$11.77
Karachi Stock Exchange - Pakistan$4.98
Kazakhstan Stock Exchange$50.00
Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (Resident)$24.91
Korea Exchange - KOSPI200 Index Futures and Options$24.94
Korea Exchange Commodity Futures$12.00
Korea Exchange KOSPI Market Stock$25.00
Korea Stock and Futures Exchange - KOSDAQ$13.00
Korea Stock and Futures Exchange - KOSDAQ (Resident)$13.00
LBMA Silver (Delayed only)$0.00
LIFFE Ice Futures$117.70
LME Data$90.95
LME Data - Delayed$24.61
London Stock Exchange Domestic L1+L2$9.48
London Stock Exchange International L1+L2$6.25
London Stock Exchange Level 1 Domestic$7.06
London Stock Exchange Level 1 International$3.61
Luxembourg Stock Exchange Indices$2.44
Luxembourg Stock Exchange Quotes$42.82
Macedonian stock Exchange$1.16
MCX Stock Exchange Currency Derivatives$4.48
MDX Index Data Service$2.41
Mexican Derivatives Exchange Future Service$16.05
Mexican Stock Exchange$11.77
MICEX Exchange Currencies (MICEX-RTS)$10.70
MICEX Exchange Equities (MICEX-RTS)$10.70
MICEX Exchange Futures and Options (MICEX-RTS)$10.70
Minneapolis Grain Exchange$37.45
Morgan Stanley Indices End of Day$0.00
Multi Commodity Exchange Of India (MCXI)$9.11
Muscat Securities Market (Oman) (Level 1)$2.14
Nagoya Stock Exchange$1.00
Nairobi Securities Exchange$10.00
NASDAQ Baltic Equities &Fixed Income$2.30
NASDAQ Level 2 (with NASDAQ Level 1)$10.60
NASDAQ Nordic Derivatives Totalview$7.24
NASDAQ Nordic Equities Level 1$40.30
NASDAQ Stock Exchange Level 1 UTP$3.18
National Commodity &Derivatives Ex of India$9.11
National Stock Exchange of India$23.18
National Stock Exchange of India - Tick by Tick Capital Market + F&O$38.65
National Stock Exchange of India - Tick by Tick Currency Derivatives$8.47
National Stock Exchange of India Currency Derivatives Level 1$4.48
New York Mercantile Exchange$90.10
New York Stock Exchange$1.00
Nigerian Stock Exchange$15.00
NYSE Euronext Global Index Service Feed$0.00
NYSE MKT (formerly AMEX)$1.00
NZX Total - Prices, Indices, News$73.46
NZX Total - Prices, Indices, News (Resident)$73.46
One Chicago (Single Stock Futures)$1.00
Options Price Reporting Authority$1.25
Osaka Exchange Inc$1.00
Oslo Stock Exchange$14.81
OTC Markets Group$5.00
PEGAS Spot &Derivatives Market Level 2$9.19
PGM Prices$10.70
Philadelphia Stock Exchange Sector Index Spot Values$0.00
Philippines Stock Exchange - L1+L2 (Non-Resident)$1.61
Philippines Stock Exchange - L1+L2 (Resident)$1.70
PSE Cash Market Level 1$14.80
Qatar Exchange Level 1$10.60
RTS Board (SPBEX)$53.00
Russell Real Time US Indices$1.06
Santiago Stock Exchange$30.00
Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange (Non-Resident)$15.00
Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange (Resident)$13.33
Scoach Frankfurt$0.00
Shanghai Futures Exchange (Non-Resident)$15.90
Shanghai Futures Exchange (Resident)$0.00
Shanghai Stock Exchange - Stock Options$0.00
Shanghai Stock Exchange L1+L2 (Non-Resident)$31.88
Shanghai Stock Exchange L1+L2 (Resident)$4.48
Shenzhen Stock Exchange L1$5.67
Singapore Exchange - Derivatives Market Direct Feed - Level 1$55.63
Singapore Exchange - Securities Market Direct Feed (Level 1 Plus)$13.74
SIX Structured Product Basic$7.28
Six Swiss Exchange Level 1$6.29
Six Swiss Indices$2.92
Stock Exchange of Thailand (THS)$1.00
Stock Exchange of Thailand Level 2$1.00
STOXX via Deutsche Borse$2.28
Stuttgart Stock Exchange$4.84
Sydney Futures Exchange (Level 1 &Level 2)$59.87
Taipei Exchange$21.40
Taipei Exchange (Resident)$0.00
Taiwan Futures Exchange$19.26
Taiwan Futures Exchange (resident)$0.00
Taiwan Stock Exchange$21.93
Tel Aviv SE All Instruments (non-resident)$32.10
Tel Aviv SE All Instruments (resident)$50.82
Tokyo Commodity Exchange$1.82
Tokyo Financial Exchange$12.78
Tokyo Stock Exchange$1.55
Toronto Stock Exchange (Canadian residents only)$6.10
Toronto Stock Exchange Level 2$27.53
Toronto Stock Exchange Level 2 - Residential (Requires TSE Level 1)$27.53
TSX Realtime Index Values (Canadian Residents Only)$0.00
TSX Venture Exchange Level 1 (Canadian residents only)$5.74
Tunis Stock Exchange$14.11
VINX Indices$13.32
Warsaw Stock Exchange$46.72
Wiener Borse Cash Market Level 1$2.28
Wiener Borse Derivatives Level 1$2.89
Wiener Borse Indices$1.71

MetaStock Add-Ons
Adaptive Cycle Tookit ACT$399.00
AlphOmega Elliott Waves$299.00
Barry Burns Top Dog Toolkit$499.00
Bollinger Band System$299.00
Chart Pattern Recognition$299.00
Chuck Hughes' Prime Trade Select$499.00
Dr. Adrian F. Manz's Around the Horn Pattern Scans$299.00
Dr. Elder's Trading Room$299.00
Dr. Stoxx Trend Trading Toolkit$399.00
ETS Trading System$299.00
FX Traders Advantage Add-On A$99.00 /mo$950.00 /yr
Greg Morris' Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition$399.00
ICE 2.6$299.00
Jake Bernstein Setups and Timing Triggers$399.00
JBL Risk Manager$299.00
John Bollinger Bollinger Band Tool Kit$299.00
John Carter - The Squeeze Annual Subscription$59.00 /mo$566.40 /yr
Mark Leibovit's Volume Reversal ToolKit Annual Subscription$99.00 /mo$999.00 /yr
Martin Pring’s Special K$299.00
MetaSwing Annual Subscription$99.00 /mo$999.00 /yr
Nison's Candlesticks Unleashed$299.00
Performance Systems Plus$299.00
Power Strike$199.00
PowerPivots Plus (PP+)$299.00
Price Headleys Big Trends Toolkit$499.00
Red Rock Pattern Strategies$299.00
RMO ATM II$129.00 /mo$1,150.00 /yr
Rob Hoffman's Pro Trader Pack Elite Annual Subscription$129.00 /mo$1,238.00 /yr
Steve Bigalow’s Candle Profit System$399.00
Steve Ruffley’s TraderMaker Annual Subscription$79.00 /mo$750.00 /yr
Stuart McPhee's Trade Launch Systems$399.00
Tactical Trader$399.00
Walter Bressert Profit Trader$950.00
Wendy Kirkland's Automatic Swing Trader$499.00
Winans Preferred Stock Toolbox$299.00

Training Materials
Unleash The Power Of MetaStock 14$99.00

* Exchanges fees are never prorated.  Exchange pricing is mandated by exchanges, and is subject to change without prior notice. For questions please contact MetaStock Sales 1-800-882-3040

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