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Improve upon the advanced analysis power of MetaStock by adding on MetaStock's incredible add-ons.

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  • Adaptive Cycle Toolkit

    Powerful, cutting-edge trading signals and strategies based on the digital signal processing research of John Ehlers

  • AlphOmega Elliott Waves

    Custom Metastock Experts, Indicators And Explorations

  • Around the Horn by Adrian Manz

    A simple and effective approach to trading, Dr. Adrian Manz has used these patterns to trade successfully for nearly a decade.

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  • Barry Burns' Top Dog Trading Toolkit

    Wave Counts have long been a standard in trading. Barry's Top Dog Trading Toolkit uses a simple and incredibly effective method to measure and count waves. This MetaStock add-on is designed to locate with pin-point accuracy 16 unique entry patterns depending on where you are in a cycle

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  • Chuck Hughes' Prime Trade Select

    The Chuck Hughes Prime Trade Select methodology is designed to find high-probability stock and option trades. It navigates the trader through 3 steps: determine the price trend, confirm the price trend, and determine the entry point.

  • Dr. Elder's Trading Room

    Use Dr. Elder's techniques to trade the market

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  • Dr. Issy Bacher's Cycle Trends Plus

    Tried and tested cycle indicators are now available to you within MetaStock with the Cycle Trends Plus add-on, giving you an edge in your trading.

  • Dr. Stoxx's Trend Trading Toolkit

    Dr. Stoxx’s Trend Trading Toolkit combines some of the most popular trending technical analysis indicators into one powerful add-on featuring explorations, expert advisors, and templates.

  • ETS 2.1 Trading System

    The Professional's Way To Time the Market

  • FX Trader's Advantage

    FX Trader's Advantage was developed by FOREX Trader's for FOREX Traders. Important: You must have MetaStock 9.1 or higher to use this product.

    *Item is downloadable immediately after purchase
    *Item is downloadable immediately after purchase

  • Greg Morris’ Japanese Candle Pattern Recognition

    Take Japanese candle pattern analysis to a new level with this MetaStock add-on from the author of “Candlestick Charting Explained.”

  • ICE 2.6

    Create Powerful and Personal Trading Systems for MetaStock... with NO Formula Writing and NO Computer Programming

    Available for download

  • Jake Bernstein’s Setup and Timing Triggers

    These systems give you crystal clear entry points, stop losses, and profit targets and are designed to work well with Stocks, Futures, and Forex

  • JBL Risk Manager

    Money Risk Management software that removes emotion and guesswork from your trading decisions, easily, step-by-step. It also monitors your performance and tracks each trade as it integrates with your MetaStock data. It calculates an optimum trade size, best fit Stop Loss and Trailing Stop price level (which can be adjusted) and more. JBLRM will best optimize your available capital AND help control any losses (Maximum Risk).

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  • John Carter's Squeeze System

    Cut throught the clutter with John Carter's Squeeze System. The squeeze indicator visually represents what is happening with all of the lines.

  • Chart Pattern Recognition

    Identify the most profitable chart patterns in seconds

  • John Bollinger's Bollinger Band® System

    A reliable mechanical trading system based on Bollinger Bands

  • John Bollinger's Bollinger Band Tool Kit

    Unleash the Power of Bollinger Bands

  • Mark Leibovit's Volume Reversal ToolKit

    Mark Leibovit's Volume Reversal toolkit is a collection of Mark Leibovit's time-tested trading methodologies.

  • Martin Pring's Special K

    Take advantage of Martin Pring's time-tested method for identifying emerging sectors in the market cycle.

  • MetaSwing 4.0

    MetaSwing is a comprehensive trading system which utilizes volatility-based technical analysis.

  • Nison's Candlesticks Unleashed

    Capitalize on the fluctuating price movements of the market

  • Performance Systems Plus

    Time-tested systems shown to increase your probability for success

  • PowerPivots Plus

    Pinpoint the best time to get in a trade... and out!

  • PowerStrike

    Improve your short and long positions by identifying areas of support and resistance.

  • Price Headley’s Big Trends Toolkit 2.0

    The latest offering by the master of big trends

  • Rahul Mohindar's Automated Trend Modules

    The latest trading solution from Rahul Mohindar, RMO ATM provides refined and synchronized signals in a straight and simple package.

  • Red Rock Pattern Strategies

    Scan for High-Probability Price and Time Patterns

  • Steve Bigalow's Candle Profit System

    Exclusive to MetaStock, Steve Bigalow's Candle Profit System is the only Add-on that lets you easily identify Steve Bigalow's unique candle patterns

  • Steve Ruffley's TraderMaker PRO

    Exclusive to MetaStock, Steve Ruffley's TraderMaker PRO like having a professional trader personally talking you through every instrument on every time frame

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  • Stuart McPhee's Trade Launch Systems

    Take advantage of the Altitude and Ignition Trading Systems developed by long-time trading expert Stuart McPhee.

  • Tactical Trader Advanced Trading Strategies

    Tactical Trader Advanced Trading Strategies offers THREE complete systems in ONE amazing package. Systems you can begin using today to improve your trades.

  • Trade Oracle

    The Next Level In Advanced Trading Systems

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  • Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader for MetaStock

    ProfitTrader makes it easier than ever to trade with the trend, so you can buy bottoms & sell tops!

  • Winans Preferred Stock Toolbox

    Analyze the market using the Winans International Preferred Stock Index (WIPSI)™

These Add-Ons are for MetaStock D/C and MetaStock R/T only. If you are looking for MetaStock XENITH Add-Ons, please click here.