MetaStock International Business Partners

MetaStock is partnered with a wide variety of quality companies. From getting MetaStock training to subscribing to data, you’ll find what you need here.

Pick a category below to get started:

Find resources for localized sales, support, and training.


Educational companies help provide both MetaStock training and market training.


MetaStock partners with technology companies.


Software for traders that utilize the MetaStock Xenith and/or Reuters Datalink data feeds.


Partner solutions for Educators, Developers and Brokers.

MetaStock is a powerful tool for traders… and their educators

MetaStock has partnered with some of the best trading educators in the world. We help our partners succeed by providing all of the necessary support and training for MetaStock. This allows educators to do what they do best… educate. Best of all, both you and your students get all the benefits and services of MetaStock, a world leader in Technical Analysis software.

An ever-expanding library of Third Party Add-Ons

MetaStock has a truly global install base and is one of the most widely used programs in the industry. This is just one reason why a MetaStock Add-On has won the top two categories of Stocks and Commodities Readers’ Choices Awards each year since the category started in 2003. If you are a software developer, you owe it to yourself to see if you have what it takes to partner with a truly global force that can get your ideas off the ground.

Successful, self-directed and an active trader… typical

For over 25 years MetaStock has been dealing with just the sort of people that make great brokerage clients. Traders from all over the world use our software and data to trade stocks, futures, FOREX, options and more. Best of all, since we provide no brokerage services, this leaves the door open to our brokerage partners.

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