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How to Profit from Gold, Silver and Oil by Trading News Driven Events

Join Phil and Nik as they reveal simple and low risk trading strategies on Gold, Silver and Oil in this 60 minute webinar.

Phil Carr and Nik Kalsi give concrete examples as to how headline news, such as announcements by the Federal Reserve, may impact the direction of commodities. They also give indications as to what type of trades to place to capitalize from the momentum of these announcements.

The Gold & Silver Club: The UK's No 1. Gold & Silver Trading and Investment Coaching Company.

What Nik and Phil don’t know about Gold & Silver is not worth knowing – they are fast becoming recognised as one of the world's leading authorities on Gold & Silver Trading and Investing.

They are the founders of and are professional traders.

Nik and Phil have trained hundreds of traders across the world with simple, low risk strategies that have a proven track record of generating consistent monthly returns.

Their mission is to educate as many people as they can on the rules of the global financial system to invest with safety, liquidity and maximum capital growth. Nik and Phil have grown a global community of prosperous traders and investors. If their names sound familiar, it’s because their success has been awarded with global media cover in International Life Magazine, Arabian Business, SKY TV and Reuters as experts on Gold & Silver.

Together Nik and Phil combine professional trading experience and investment psychology to deliver one of the most comprehensive and exclusive Gold & Silver trading and investment coaching programs available anywhere in the world today.

Note: This webinar is targeted for the European markets and will be held June 13, 2012 7:00pm London time.
Eastern Time (ET) is June 13, 2012 at 2:00pm.

About Nik Kalsi and Phil Carr

Nik Kalsi
Nik Kalsi

Nik Kalsi

Nik began his career within private wealth management in 2002 before making the transition into proprietary trading. Prior to founding The Gold & Silver Club, he spent over 5 years coaching professional fund managers and traders internationally for some of the world’s top tier hedge funds and investment banks. Through his first hand relationships with some of the world's most successful traders, Nik discovered the formula, mindset and tools that can give any individual the definitive edge to make it in any economy.

Nik is responsible for the investment analysis and portfolio optimization of The Gold & Silver Club's proprietary trading strategies. He has written many articles on monetary economics. He is also a regular columnist for a number of global Business and Financial publications and appears frequently on television.

Phil Carr
Phil Carr

Phil Carr

Phil is the co-founder and director of The Gold & Silver Club. He specialises in teaching people how to make money from trading one of the biggest financial markets in the world: Gold, Silver & Oil and has trained hundreds of individuals to become independent traders and successfully manage their own investment portfolio.

He is responsible for the research and development  of The Gold & Silver Club’s trademark strategies that have a proven track record of generating returns for traders.

Phil speaks at numerous trading seminars and workshops sharing his expert knowledge with investors who have a similar passion for trading Gold, Silver and Oil.

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