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Fear in Trading presented by Adrienne Toghraie

How do you deal with the fear holding you back from being the best trader you can be?

In this workshop/webinar Adrienne will list and discuss all of the different reasons fear sabotages traders in following their strategies. She will also talk about what traders can do to overcome their fear:

  • 4 types of fear
  • 13 interpretations of fear
  • A strategy for overcoming fear
  • Your answers on discipline issues

About Adrienne Toghraie

Adrienne Toghraie
Adrienne Toghraie

Adrienne Toghraie, a Trader's Success Coach, is an internationally recognized authority in the field of human development for the financial community. Her 13 books on the psychology of trading including, The Winning Edge 1-4, Traders' Secrets, and Trading On Target, have been highly praised by financial magazines. Adrienne's public seminars and private counseling have achieved a wide level of recognition and popularity, as well as her television appearances and keynote addresses at major industry conferences.

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