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Hilbert Indicators Tell You When to Trade

The indicators introduced in the article "Hilbert Indicators Tell You When To Trade", by John Ehlers, can be created in MetaStock 7.0 or higher with the use the new MetaStock External Function (MSX) DLL Interface.

Click here to download the formulas. After downloading the exe file double-click it and the formulas will automatically be imported into MetaStock. After the import has finished the two indicators, HilbertPeriod and HilbertSNR, will appear in the Indicator QuickList. Note you must have MetaStock 7 or higher.

Sample source code for the MSX DLL is available in three languages: C++, PowerBASIC, and Delphi Pascal.

Click here to download the sample source code

All of MetaStock's formula tools can be used to create formulas that access the functions contained in the DLL. In the Tools formula editor click the Functions button. In the Function Category select the name of the DLL and all available functions and their associated parameters will be listed.