The MetaStock® Developer's Kit (MDK)

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The single-stop resource for the MetaStock user experienced in programming that would like to develop tools to increase the power of their own analysis

The MetaStock® Developer's Kit (MDK) is also perfect for the software developer wanting to create powerful add-on modules for MetaStock users.

MetaStock is the ideal technical analysis program with which experienced developers can integrate their own customized trading solutions and is the central component of the MetaStock Solution Provider program. The Developer’s Kit includes the MetaStock File Library API, the MetaStock External Function API, and the Custom User Interface Utility.

  • Natively read legacy MetaStock (version 11 and previous) price data
  • Thread Safe
  • Supports C, C++, Pascal, and Visual Basic • Multi-user support
  • 6000 securities per folder • Royalty-free distribution
  • 65,500 price data records per security
  • Implemented as a 32-bit Windows DLL
  • For experienced programmers

The MSFL API contains easy-to-use functions. With the read-only MSFL, the API includes functions for reading Legacy MetaStock (version 11 and previous) price data. The MSFL comes as a Win 32 DLL and includes definition/header files and sample applications for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Borland C++ Builder 4, Delphi 4, and Visual Basic 6.0. Uses the same MSFL for the data access in Legacy (Version 11 and previous) MetaStock data files and The DownLoader™ (available with a Refinitiv DataLink Subscription), so you can be sure it will be reliable and compatible with products that read legacy MetaStock data files.

  • Create MetaStock Custom Formula functions in a Win 32 DLL
  • Use the power of conventional programming languages
  • Sample code provided for C, C++, Pascal, and PowerBASIC
  • Seamless integration with MetaStock 7.0 or higher
  • DLL functions available to Custom Indicators, System Tests, Explorations, and Experts
  • Unlimited number of functions per DLL
  • Argument types include Data Array, Numeric, String, and Custom
  • Up to 9 arguments per function
  • Access to all price data for the current security
  • MSXTest application provided for verifying and stress-testing your DLL
  • Intended for use by experienced programmers

If you can program in one of the supported programming languages that can produce a standard Win32 DLL, then you can expand the functionality of the MetaStock Formula Language and create your own custom functions.

Use MSX functions to perform complex calculations for custom indicators, pattern matching, fundamental data acquisition, etc. Distribute your MSX DLLs with accompanying Custom Indicators, Experts, or other MetaStock tools using the enhanced Formula Organizer self-installing executable feature.

  • Add or delete buttons on the MetaStock custom toolbar
  • Add or delete items on the MetaStock tools and help menus
  • Link to applications, MetaStock templates or layouts, documents, URLs, and more
  • Menu items can vary depending on whether or not a chart is opened
  • Chart menus have access to the security's name, symbol, and periodicity
  • Implemented as a command line based executable that can be called from batch files or other applications

Seamlessly integrate your custom solution with MetaStock by modifying the MetaStock custom toolbar and the MetaStock tools and help menus with links to your applications or URLs. This allows the end user to have single click access to your solution. If you can launch it from the Windows run dialog (Start menu | run), you can add it to the MetaStock custom toolbar or the MetaStock tools and help menus. This has been designed to be called from any third party setup program so that you can easily integrate your solution with MetaStock.

Export your MSX DLLs, templates, custom indicators, explorations, system tests, and experts into a self-extracting installation program. This makes it easy for developers to create and distribute add-on products for MetaStock. And to make sure that your custom formula stays yours when you distribute it via the web or email, the export process includes options for password protection and copyright display. This functionality comes standard with MetaStock;   however for versions 11 and prior, it is available within the Developer's Toolkit.

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