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Best Selling Author Stuart McPhee Started trading in 1996. In his time as a professional trader and as a coach he has learned that successful trading requires four elements: discipline, commitment, the right tools, and a comprehensive trading plan.

In this course, he dives into those 4 elements and shows you how to create a comprehensive trading plan.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create a trading plan
  • Understanding the 7-step trading system
  • How to compare fundamental and technical analysis
  • What is risk management and how to apply it correctly
  • The 8/2 Rule
  • The key character attributes that successful traders have
  • How to improve your trading discipline
  • How to use the best-selling Trade Launch Systems add-on for Metastock

About Stuart McPhee

Stuart McPhee is a private trader, a best-selling author, a personal trading coach, and has consulted to numerous financial services companies in Australia and throughout South East Asia.

He is one of Australia's most compelling speakers on trading, as well as being a trader for over 20 years. Since 2000, he has spoken live in front of tens of thousands of fellow traders from Mumbai to New York, Tokyo to London, Melbourne to Beijing, and many places in between. He has helped countless traders improve their performance with his expertise in technical analysis, trading psychology, risk management, the trading process and developing a trading plan.

Stuart regularly travels and presents at major trading events, presents trading seminars, conducts staff training and personal trading coaching. His best selling trading book, 'Trading in a Nutshell, 4th Edition' (John Wiley) as well as his presentations, are not about vague concepts that don't work in the real world. are about incredibly practical, time-saving strategies that you need to implement in order to become an extremely successful trader.

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Trading Process and Developing a Strategy

  • The 3 critical questions all trading plans should answer
  • The 3 Ms of trading
  • How to methodically work your way through the 7-step trading process
  • Establishing your trading universe
  • Why you need a trading plan in order to be successful
  • Approach your trading like a professional
  • Critical beliefs on your trading strategy
  • How to incorporate different technical analysis tools into your strategy
  • How to clearly define your trading rules

Technical Analysis

  • Comparing Fundamentals and Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to the trend, how to identify the trend, and how to ensure trend alignment
  • How to use moving averages to your advantage
  • How to use support and resistance the most effective candlesticks

Risk Management

  • Where risk management fits into the entire trading approach
  • How good trading is different from how most people approach the market
  • The primary aim of trading
  • The 8/2 rule
  • Various methods of setting your exit levels (stops)
  • How the strike rate is not that important
  • How to establish the right balance or risk/reward
  • How to have the 4 key performance numbers working for you
  • How to size your trades

Trading Mindset and Putting all the Pieces Together

  • How money plays tricks on your mind the key character attributes that successful traders have
  • How to improve your trading discipline
  • How to take full advantage of what little control you have in the market
  • General psychological issues that block any progress
  • How to treat your trading differently to most other traders

Using the Trade Launch Systems add-on

  • Basic functions of the Trade launch add-on
  • Learn the 2 main trading systems in the add on Altitude and Ignition
  • Learn how to run scans for trade setups
  • How to interpret the indicators
  • Using the Trade Launch Expert Advisors
  • Recordings will be provided for all sessions.

Stuart McPhee's Training
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