Stuart McPhee's Trade Launcher System

Exclusive to MetaStock, Trade Launch Systems give you the power of the Stuart McPhee's Altitude and Ignition Systems.

Stuart McPhee's Trade Launch Systems, is comprised primarily of two trading methods.  The Altitude Trading system, and the Ignition System.

The Altitude Trading System is a simple trading approach for trading stocks, commodities, indices or currencies in established medium term trends, of approximately 3 months. Traders can take advantage of an established up or down trends whilst using a generous trailing stop which allows every opportunity for the medium trend to continue. Strict money management rules are used for determining the size of each trade with the Altitude Trading System Expert Advisor, providing position sizing calculations based on your pre-determined trading capital and risk profile.

The Ignition system however is a simple trading approach for trading stock, commodities, indices or currencies in short term trends. Traders can take advantage of a newly formed short term trend in alignment with the prevailing medium term trend, as this system looks for solid reversal signals.   You can also consider using the reversal patterns included within Trade Launcher as confirmation of the reversal.  The Ignition Trading System is for slightly more aggressive and active traders and is ideally used with derivatives products (eg. options etc).  Due to the shorter trading style, a tighter trailing stop would be considered with the Ignition Trading System.

Author of the best selling book Trading in a Nutshell, Stuart McPhee has personally coached high net worth traders from all over the world. His practical, time-saving strategies have been distilled into his exclusive new MetaStock add-on Trade Launcher. This versatile new system includes 20 indicators, and 2 explorers aimed at long and short opportunities.

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Stuart McPhee's Trade Launch Systems
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