Get the ALL-NEW MetaStock 19 - Plus - Save on the NEW RMO ATM 4.0

MetaStock 19 is perfectly matched to traders of all levels and needs. From the improved next-level charting workflows and Layouts to the fournew trading systems, everything about MetaStock 19 is better, brighter, and faster than ever before.

Introducing MetaStock 19 - Featuring Improved Workflows and Next-Gen Flexible Layouts

After 30 years of making software for active traders like you, we know what you need: an easy yet powerful trading tool that gives you the confidence to enter and exit trades at will. MetaStock 19 is perfectly matched to traders of all levels and needs. From the improved next-level charting workflows and Layouts to the five new trading systems, everything about MetaStock 19 is better, brighter, and faster than ever before.

New Improved Charting Workflows

At the core of a great trading platform are simple yet powerful charts. MetaStock 19 has retooled its legendary platform and now includes the ability to tab charts - like a web browser. Now, you can pin and float charts inside and outside your current monitor and organize them almost any way you like. You can even combine charts in different tab groups. You have to see it to believe it. Watch the video on Improved Charts.

New Improved Flexible Layouts

What's the big deal with layouts, you ask? MetaStock 19 provides an entirely new way to organize and view your pick lists, watch lists, sectors, industries, and more—as many as you like. Create and save multi-chart, multi-frame views, and almost any combo you can think of. And with improved multi-monitor support, you can keep them where you want for easy access and viewing. Watch the video on New Layouts.

New Windows Theme Support

Windows uses Light mode by default, but users can choose Dark mode, which changes much of the UI to a dark color. Dark mode is easier on the eyes in lower-light environments; some traders prefer just it. MetaStock 19 will default to your Windows Dark or Light theme setting, or you can change it to suit your preferences. Watch the video on Theme Support

New Range Bars/Candles

We have added two new chart types to the existing 10. Now, in addition to Bars, Candlesticks, Candlevolume, equivolume, Heikin-Ashi, Line, Point and Figure, Renko Kagi, and 3-line break, you can chart with Range Bars and Candles. These differ from time-based charts because each new bar/candle in a range is based on price movement rather than time units, like minutes, hours, days, or weeks. At a glance, you can see market volatility by the amount of bars in the range. Watch the video on Range Bars/Candles

New Drawing Tools

Drawing tools are the bread and butter of chart analysis; ours are at the next level. These 5 NEW tools give you even more control of your chart appearance with fully customizable colors, styles, fonts, and more. Watch the video on New Drawing Tools.

  1. Measure Tool for Percent Change
  2. Measure Tool for Points Change
  3. XABCD (Gartley Drawing Tool)
  4. Head and Shoulders Drawing Tool
  5. Elliott Wave Tools

New Trading Systems

In MetaStock 19 we've provided 4 new or formerly separate add-on systems - a $698 value. Watch the video on the NEW Trading Systems

  1. Gap Identification System - Use the Explorer and Expert Advisor to find and highlight gaps in the market
  2. Jake Bernstein Expansion/Contraction - Easily identify expansion and contraction in price
  3. Ichimoku Master - A $399 value, the Ichimoku Master was a very popular add-on for MetaStock. Now you can identify signals and trades according to the rules of the Ichimoku Trading Method  
  4. ETS 2.1 - A $299 value, ETS 2.1 is now included in MetaStock at no extra charge.  ETS 2.1 a complete trading system with buy and sell entries, protective stops, trailing stops, and profit targets

Updated RMO System

The legendary Rahul Mohindar Oscillator system is now even better. In addition to a completely overhauled and simplified look and feel, you get all this:

  • 6 New RMO Templates
    • RMO Binary Bear Pulse
    • RMO Binary Bull Pulse
    • RMO Binary Bull & Bear Pulse
    • RMO Pro Mode
    • RMO Model Shaded
  • Improved nomenclature and interface, including tooltips
Watch the video on New RMO System.

New Unleash the Power of MetaStock 19 $99 - FREE with your order!

From the basics and beyond, this manual/video combo walks you through finding the trades with the greatest potential. It's perfect for new MetaStock users and a great refresher for more experienced clients. It also includes over two hours of online HD video instruction by Kelly Clement, MetaStock President. Watch a Sample Video.

Get 3 Months of the NEW RMO ATM 4.0 and Receive 2 Recorded Master Classes with Rahul Mohindar for only $499 (Reg. $946)

Rahul Mohindar continues to elevate his well-loved RMO ATM, this time ver 4.0, which comes to you with his latest ATM Trend Flare studies. As the name suggests, this study aims to detect where a new trend could flare out, keeping volatility at the heart of its construction. It works across multiple timeframes and asset classes and can easily fit into your trading/investing style, considering the flexibility added.

You also get the Master Classes.

RMO ATM 4.0 Core Breakout Models

  • RMO ATM 4.0’s latest Trend Flare Strategies
  • Picking more refined trades using the ATM RMO SuperFilter
  • Read the momentum with the ATM TrendDecider Suite
  • Filtration approach to detect if it’s a “Breakout” or “Fakeout” in a sideways zone.

Trade Detection & Integration

  • Volume Integration & Reversal Models using the ATM CTI and ATM SWI
  • Understanding pros and cons of a Multi-Timeframe trading approach
  • Trading Options with the RMO ATM 4.0
  • Identifying New as well as Re-entry Opportunities with the PowerScreener
  • Final thoughts on how to grade your trade and synergize signals to your advantage

Get 3 Months of the NEW RMO ATM 4.0 and Receive 2 Master Classes for only $499 (Reg. $946)

3 month of RMO ATM 4.0* + Master Classes
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