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Lazy Gainer

This system test is designed to use the Security Data function, which is only available in MetaStock version 8.01 or later. To enter the formula into MetaStock:

  • Select the Enhanced System tester from the Tools menu
  • Click New
  • Enter the name of the system
  • select the Buy Order tab and enter the following formula:

    setup:=Security("ONLINE:SPY",hv100)<20 AND hv100<20 AND c>mov(c,70,e);

  • select the Sell order tab and enter this formula


The above formulas were written to use online data. They can be modified to use data stored locally by replacing the text ONLINE:with the path to the local data. For example, if the local data was stored in the folder C:\ MetaStock Data, the second line of the Buy Order would look like this:

setup:=Security("C:\ MetaStock Data\SPY",hv100)<20 AND

Please note that the path entered must be correct or the formula will return errors.