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ITC – Weekly

Indicator-time combination

This system is designed to run on weekly data. To create the system test, open the tester under the Tools menu. Select new test and enter the following formulas in for the specific orders. The formulas below are for version 7.2 and earlier.

Enter Long:
ADX(14)<30 AND Cross(Mov(C,30,S),Mov(C,60,S))

Close Long:
bc:=ADX(14)<30 AND Cross(Mov(C,30,S),Mov(C,60,S));

If(BarsSince(bc)<=10, L<Ref(LLV(L,60),-1),Mov(C,30,S)<Mov(C,60,S))

Enter Short:
ADX(14)<30 AND Cross(Mov(C,60,S),Mov(C,30,S))

Close Short:
sc:=ADX(14)<30 AND Cross(Mov(C,60,S),Mov(C,30,S));

If(BarsSince(sc)<=10, H>Ref(HHV(H,60),-1),Mov(C,30,S)>Mov(C,60,S) )

For versions 8.0 and later, the formulas can be simplified a bit, and at the same time, made for accurate to the intents of the system. Below are the 8.0 formulas.

Buy Order:
ADX(14)<30 AND Cross(Mov(C,30,S),Mov(C,60,S))

Sell Order:
If(Simulation.CurrentPositionAge<=10, L<Ref(LLV(L,60),-1),Mov(C,30,S)<Mov(C,60,S))

Sell Short Order:
ADX(14)<30 AND Cross(Mov(C,60,S),Mov(C,30,S))

Buy to Cover Order:
If(Simulation.CurrentPositionAge<=10, H>Ref(HHV(H,60),-1),Mov(C,30,S)>Mov(C,60,S))