Performance Systems Plus

Time-tested systems shown to increase your probability for success.

Now you don't have to spend countless hours creating your own successful trading systems. We've done it for you.

Fifty-four new performance systems and seventy explorations will have you trading with a higher level of confidence and expertise than you've ever had before.

You see, unlike other trading systems that work on only a handful of securities, these fifty-four performance systems have been time-tested and shown to have a highly successful track record over an entire database of securities! That means less risk and more profit potential.

Unparalleled testing for unparalleled performance.

We tested thousands of systems on thousands of securities to develop a select group of systems, shown to have a remarkably high percentage of wins over a buy and hold strategy. Next, we added state-of-the art performance tools to ten of these systems to create a trading strategy that helps take the guesswork out of your trading and maximize your profits.

No other technical analysis software offers such a consistently effective set of systems and performance tools, or conducted such rigorous testing to develop those systems.

Now it's time for you to get "the lion's share" and put these new powerful new performance systems and tools to work for you.

Built in flexibility. Start with a favorite stock - or a favorite system. Choose a simple trading method or a more complex strategy. However you approach your trading, these performance tools are flexible enough to fit your unique trading style.

Easy to use. You can start analyzing with these systems just moments after you install the Performance Systems Plus add-on software. Even those who are less computer savvy or new to technical analysis will find these systems incredibly easy to use.


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Run an all-new type of exploration that performs system tests over an entire database of securities to find those securities with the most profit potential.

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Generate daily buy and sell signals and alerts.

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Run a comparison test to find out which of the fifty-four trading systems works best for your chosen security.

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Run a signal exploration on a chosen system to generate a list of stocks with buy and sell signals for that day.

Performance Systems Plus is a compelling addition to the twenty-six Performance Systems already found in MetaStock.