Bollinger Band System

A reliable mechanical trading system based on Bollinger Bands.

This product has won prestigious Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Readers' Choice Awards. You can view these awards here

Let John Bollinger's time-tested and reliable research help you "zero in" on the most profitable securities, based on Bollinger Bands.

Now you can benefit from the success of Bollinger Bands with this highly selective trading system—a system that selects only those few securities with the highest profit potential.

Using the time-tested technology of the Bollinger Bands, John Bollinger and the makers of MetaStock have created a new mechanical trading system—a system that's simple, yet robust enough to be reliable across all types of stocks, in all types of market environments. This system provides a high probability of reliable performance for the future, not just the past.

The Bollinger Band System (BBS) is unique. It has the ability to adapt to each security's recent activity. Unlike other systems that have a fixed set of parameters, BBS is designed to evolve with the market conditions, making it more reliable and more likely to produce profitable trades!

This adaptability is due in part to the indicators used to create BBS:%b, which compares price action to indicator action;the Money Flow Index indicator (MFI), which incorporates volume into its calculations;and the Bollinger Volatility Index (BVI), which provides a means of measuring the volatility of a security and comparing it with the volatility of other securities.

Trading bands and indicators by themselves can be effective tools, but when combined as we've done with BBS, the potential for trading success is greatly increased.

What are Bollinger Bands?

The Bollinger Bands are trading bands that focus on volatility. By allowing the movement of prices themselves to set the width of the bands, John Bollinger's Bollinger Bands are able to react quickly to market conditions.

But they only provide a framework, not absolute buy and sell signals. In the past, a trader would still have to devise a trading system that would produce optimum buy/sell signals based on these bands..until now.

The Bollinger Band System -- What does it do?

In short, The Bollinger Band System (BBS) searches thousands of securities to find those most likely to reverse their current trend - then, of that group, it singles out those few that meet a very selective set of criteria. This cycle is completed by your unique input, which results in stocks that consistently perform well and fit your personality and trading style.

Using the Bollinger Band System is as easy as 1-2-3!

Exclusive to The Bollinger Band System add-on are two MetaStock explorations that find securities which are signaling buy or short conditions, and two MetaStock experts that give you detailed information on the status of open trades for a specific security.

  1. Perform the two MetaStock explorations.

    First, you'll want at least 5,000 to 6,000 securities and 3 years of data to work from. Now run the Watchlist Maker on your data. The Watchlist Maker filters out low volume/price securities and those that have less than 500 periods of data. This select group of securities is your "Watchlist" from which you'll run the BBS exploration. You are now ready to run the BBS exploration. This exploration is at the heart of the Bollinger Band System. It finds those securities that have generated "buy long" and "buy short" signals. Now it's time to open these securities' charts.

  2. Study the screened candidates and apply your own personal filter.

    This is the step where you can transform good returns using BBS into outstanding returns by applying your own personal analysis. This step is the only subjective part of the BBS trading method.

    Your BBS instruction manual will have many effective strategies to help you narrow your decision down to the best candidate.

  3. Attach the two MetaStock experts to track your trades.

    At this point, you can confidently place an entry order with your broker. But BBS doesn't stop there. Once you've entered a long or short position, use the Expert Advisor to monitor your open trade. You'll attach either a Long or Short Track expert to your chart, depending upon the signal the exploration generated. The experts provide chart-specific feedback on the current status of your open long or short trades.

    When an exit signal for your trade is generated, an expert alert will pop up on your screen when you open the chart, and an exit arrow will appear on your chart. (A nice way to take the emotions out of your trading.) Finally, you can choose to view the expert commentary and read about the current condition of the open trade. Let the Bollinger Band System show you when to get in a trade, how long to let your profits run, and when to exit.

We invite you to make your trades with the Bollinger Band System for a full 30 days. If you don't find your trades more consistently successful than before, send it back to us for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Our bet is that you'll keep it and use it to make more successful trades than ever before!

Start maximizing your trading power with the expertise of John Bollinger and the advanced analytics of MetaStock with this powerful MetaStock add-on.

About John Bollinger

John Bollinger is internationally known as the developer of Bollinger Bands which are utilized worldwide for analyzing the financial markets. He is the founder and president of Bollinger Capital Management, a firm that provides money management and proprietary technical analysis research and tools for institutions and individuals. 

His book, “Bollinger on Bollinger Bands” has been translated into twelve languages and his website is the hub for everything related to Bollinger Bands. The site offers free and for pay educational materials as well as information about the Bollinger Band Tool Kit.

John Bollinger is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT). He is the recipient of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco Lifetime Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technical Analysis, the 2005 Market Technicians Association (now the CMT Association) Annual Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Technical Analysis and the IFTA Lifetime Achievement Award.