ETS Trading System

The Professional's Way To Time the Market

Screen shot showing the system calls on the SPX

ETS is a Complete Trading System

ETS is a complete trading system with buy and sell entries, protective stops, trailing stops and profit targets. With every trade you will know the precise entry level and whether you are going long or short, how much you need to risk on the trade and when to exit.

ETS 2.1 Trading SystemTM Features:

  • Proprietary ETS TrendWatchTM Indicator - An incredibly easy and reliable way to identify the start and finish of market trends.
  • ETS Buy & Sell Signal Entries:When these signals are generated, they alert us to a market ready to possibly explode to new highs or lows.
  • Logical Stop Forget using arbitrary stops! The stop ETS placement techniques put your stops where the "big money" has theirs. Their protective stops are seldom filled because they know the optimal placement level in order to maximize their profitability. ETS never risks more than necessary to be in a trade and reduces the chance of being prematurely stopped out.
  • Initial Geometric Target on trades that go our way. This target tells you exactly where the next market swing will likely be after our initial entry. At this initial level, you can lock in profits or stay in the market to the next level, the Extended Fibonacci Target.
  • Extended Fibonacci Target Tells you exactly where the market should go at the far end of a winning trade. When these levels are hit, the market is likely to retrace and the trend/trade is over where we wait for a new signal or re-entry.

Long Only or Short Only Entry Options:Some traders prefer to only go long or short depending upon their market perspective. The system now has inputs to enable long or short entries or both (the system comes defaulted to go both long and short). Equity traders who do not short stocks and only want to be in the market during bullish trends will find this a useful system option.

ETS 2.1 Trading SystemTM Requirements

To run the ETS Software for MetaStock, you will need:

  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000 or XP
  • MetaStock 10.0 or above


Virtually every day, ETS proves itself in the real world trading arena-grinding out profits over a variety of markets and time frames. Virtually every possible market contingency is covered by the system rules so you always know exactly what to do. At the time of every entry, you always have a solid protective stop and precise target so you know exactly where to get in and where to get out and what to do in case things don’t go your way. This eliminates many stressful decisions associated with trading errors and unnecessary losses. ETS was designed for both new as well as seasoned traders. ETS works for Stocks, Indexes and Futures.