CUE Global & Finder

The CUE Global program uses 19 Sonar Explorations to help you identify Low Risk, High Reward trades in Trending, Reversing, and Exhausting Market situations.

CUE Global & Finder is a Complete, Unambiguous, Easy to use trading system.

Complete:CUE Global & Finder may be used to analyze Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex, and Options in all markets. It is effective for Long Term and Short Term investing including Swing, Position, and Day Trading.

The CUE Global & Finder program uses its 19 Sonar Explorations to help you identify Low Risk, High Reward trades in Trending, Reversing, and Exhausting Market situations.

Unambiguous:CUE signals can be applied in the heat of the market movement and immediately be understood. The system provides three simple to follow rules to help you make your decisions quickly and accurately:

  1. Go With Flow for Trend Following trades
  2. Headwind for Trend Reversal trades
  3. Bounce for Exhaustion based trades

These three easy-to-follow checklist-based trade set ups make identifying a high probability trade easier than ever before. Additional trade setups may be identified combining the powerful nineteen Indicators included in CUE Global & Finder.

Ease of use:GUE Global’s nineteen Indicators and seven Expert Advisors are consistently color coded to make trading analysis intuitive and easy to use.

The indicators are packaged in nine modular readymade templates – each one for a logical step in trading. The At-A-Glance template, for example, includes only the indicators you need to identify a profitable Swing trade entry opportunity. In addition, every template comes with Commentary that interprets the chart and explains in simple terms how to react to the information.

Experienced traders often say, “Show me good documentation and I will show a good trading system.” CUE Global & Finder has GREAT documentation. Over 140 pages of educational material come with CUE Global & Finder covering every aspect of trading that both novices as well as expert traders will find useful.

The manuals are full of illustrative charts explaining every indicator, template, trade set-up, trade rule book etc. The CUE Global & Finder system also provides easy-to-watch videos explaining:

  1. How to identify trades using Sonar
  2. How to enter and exit a trade using the “Hop on” and “Hop off” Strategy.
  3. How to use CUE Global & Finder Intraday templates for Day Trading.

The CUE Global & Finder Super Profit website is full of actual trade examples explaining how the real life trades were identified, selected, entered and exited. These are valuable learning materials that every trader loves to use.

Superior Profit CUE Global & Finder Community:Trading can be a lonely affair. To overcome this, Superior Profit has set up a Trader’s Community. Every trader using CUE Global & Finder is welcome to use the forum to share their trade ideas that use CUE Global & Finder system. The Community forum even comes with a live chat feature where traders can alert each other of upcoming trades – whether its end of day using MetaStock D/C or in real time using Metastock R/T and XENITH.

About Sagar Nandi

I have a graduate degree in Telecommunications, a master’s degree in Computer Science, and an MBA degree that I completed while working in Singapore. I have worked in many multinationals and global organizations, including some of the world’s largest corporations – primarily based in Singapore. I was a vice-president in the world’s largest software applications company, a regional APAC director, and an India entity managing director for a global German company.

However, none of those degrees or work experiences were helpful in trading. Trading, in the end, is not difficult once you find a system(s) and workflow(s) that work for you (your temperament, risk tolerance, lifestyle).

I retired from my work ten years ago at the age of 46, thinking that I could have a life of freedom trading stocks, free from daily office-going and free from everything that comes with office life.

I have not had to go back to work since then. It was not easy. But the difficulty was not in the market. Not even so much in the systems. Once you have made a robust system your own, the challenge is being disciplined enough to follow it.

Sharing ideas publicly as I do, always before knowing the results, helps with that discipline. I am happy if people find my shared ideas, techniques, workflows, and systems of any value to their trading.