For over a decade, the RMO has been one of the most popular systems in MetaStock, and the RMO ATM add-on is a perfect extension. The RMO ATM, too, has been a best-selling add-on for over a decade. It comes with a live and automated ATM PowerScreener that scans for trading setups automatically in real-time. It also includes live voice and email alerts, so you never miss a signal!

Rahul Mohindar continues to elevate his well-loved RMO ATM, this time ver 4.0, which comes to you with his latest ATM Trend Flare studies. As the name suggests, this study aims to detect where a new trend could flare out, keeping volatility at the heart of its construction. It works across multiple timeframes and asset classes and can easily fit into your trading/investing style, considering the flexibility added.

When you get the RMO ATM 4.0, you equip yourself with nine proprietary core methods to help you trade more successfully and work with your preferred trading style. 

The methods included are:

  • ATM Breakout Catcher – solves the direction puzzle. It auto-interprets if the market is in a Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral phase.  It further uses volume and volatility via the ATM ZONE detector that helps you understand if the market is in an Active, Hyperactive, or Dormant stage. 
  • ATM SWI (Strength Weakness Index): The ATM SWI uses volume as its core ingredient and measures trend strength and weakness based on volume, giving you an excellent gauge of the strength and weakness of the symbols you trade. 
  • ATM RMO SuperFilter -  A top favorite study, a refined and adaptive take on the classic RMO system. It shades the trend into four colors, helping you detect direction and pulse the trend strength.   
  • ATM TrendDecider Suite plots a single level of support and resistance on your price chart for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly periods. It also helps you determine where price has gained or lost momentum and is often a leading signal of a trend change. 
  • ATM RMO II – An OPTION traders go to study, as this helps you understand where the market has corrected within an established trend and enables you to dive into buying Calls in a falling market and Put Options in a rising market, creating an opportunity for limited risk and unlimited rewards.
  • ATM Counter Trend Indicator automatically stamps Buy and Sell signals on the charts based on price and volume breakouts. It works best for those following a counter-trend approach with a more favorable risk-reward ratio. 
  • ATM Trend Flare Suite Normal and Slow (New)—This is a suite of studies that work cohesively to give trading opportunities suited to your style. Normal is more responsive to market movements, while slow factors in more data. This Suite is one of the most complete systems, marking potential entry points and trailing stops. 
  • ATM Auto Support and Resistance (New) - Price is supreme and has always been a core principle of Dow Theory.  This new Expert Advisor, designed by Rahul, automatically marks out critical areas of support and resistance so you can quickly identify potential spots from where reversals and breakouts are likely to occur.

Best of all, the RMO ATM 4.0 comes with inbuilt Expert Advisors with Commentary, prebuilt Templates, and Explorers. In addition, the RMO ATM 4.0 includes the exclusive PowerScreener application.  The PowerScreener app is a powerful Quoteboard that can give you:

  • Real-time updates
  • 40+ indicators customizable to the ones important to you
  • Usable in any time frame, including Intraday
  • Real-time Voice and Email alerts
  • Ability to add notes and track trading positions
  • With RMO ATM 4.0, you get:
  • ATM PowerScreener desktop application
  • 16 Expert Advisers
  • 11 Templates
  • 19 Indicators
  • All of this is backed with Support from both MetaStock and Viratech Software.

Annual subscribers can also avail themselves of 2 free one-to-one training sessions with the Viratech staff.

About Rahul Mohindar

Rahul Mohindar is the director of Viratech Software and an active trader who appears regularly on CNBC India & Bloomberg. Besides being a market panelist, Mr. Mohindar has also been a guest lecturer across renowned stock exchanges, universities, and business schools. Mr. Mohindar’s findings and research on the markets have been carried out in leading business dailies, including the Economic Times and Hindu. Besides the RMO ATM, Rahul has developed the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO for short), which detects trends in financial markets and is designed to work on Open-High-Low-Close-Vol charts for a wide variety of stocks, futures, options, and FOREX. Rahul.

Rahul has trained thousands of traders across the globe and has been part of various in-person and live trading events. He’s also been a keynote speaker at MetaStock conferences around the world, including USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, and India!