Power Bundle 360

The PowerBundle 360 includes TradingIndicators.com's most powerful methods in one convenient package. These systems are designed to work in all market cycles. Power Bundle 360 includes three powerful strategies that will help you:

  • Spot reversals using the Divergence Cloud
  • Trade with the trend using the 1-2-3 Strike
  • Take advantage of breakouts with the Volatility crusher

Divergence Cloud

A sophisticated algorithm for detecting divergences in recent trends and volatility momentum enables it to detect high-quality reversal and continuation signals.

  • Cloud color shows bullish and bearish divergences, which indicate trend reversals
  • Spots bullish accumulation and consolidation points before strong upward breakouts and continued bullish trends
  • Finds points of failing strength at plateaus and tops before drops.
  • Includes its own entry signals and suggests when to scale out/exit out of a position

Volatility Crusher

Uses an innovative and reliable approach to signal breakouts, breakdowns, and trend-continuing explosions by calculating the relative compression and expansion of candles.

  • Tightening ranges are usually followed by big breakouts and breakdowns, which mark the start of a trend
  • Volatility Crusher visualizes and maps this process of compression and expansion
  • By tracking this action, Volatility Crusher can spot abnormally explosive moves
  • Entering on these explosive moves often helps to get in at the start of a trend or significant move

1-2-3 Strike!

A unique approach to trend trading combines trend, volatility, and volume analysis to pinpoint high-probability trend-following entries and exits.

  • Tracks the three dimensions of trend, volatility, and volume to pinpoint the precise moments to enter trades before powerful moves
  • Ride the trend and capture both sides of the move when the action indicates a continuation
  • Adaptable to all market conditions and instruments
  • Visualize entry points as well as scale out and exit points
  • Unique and attractive visuals make trading alongside this indicator clear and intuitive

Each system includes:

  • a template to format your charts
  • an exploration to find new entry signals
  • two system tests to help determine profitability and settings
  • an indicator to customize the system's settings
  • an expert advisor to display alerts on your charts and provide commentary

All three systems include Trading Indicators' Instant Efficiency Technology (IET) statistics (shown in the expert advisor's Commentary window) to give you a quick read on the system's entry and exit signal performance.

About Daniel Sinnig

Daniel is a successful trader and professional software engineer with over two decades of building powerful algorithms. Dr. Daniel Sinnig holds a Ph.D. and has a wealth of experience in the industry, with large financial institutions including Morgan Stanley. He is the founder and managing partner of Trading Indicators an online trading portal offering innovative tools for all investors.

Daniel and his talented team develop investment solutions, analytic dashboards, trading indicators, and automated strategies that are compatible with different platforms including MetaStock. His team employs concepts from algorithmic design, machine learning, and technical analysis to build intelligent indicators that generate predictive signals.

Daniel uses his own experience as a trader to focus on software features and end-to-end algo services that make market sense. His team also builds unique web-based Trading Dashboards with rich visuals to fill the current gap in the market.