John Bollinger Bollinger Band Tool Kit

Directly from the creator of Bollinger Band Analysis, John Bollinger's latest toolkit gives you more of the systems and indicators that have made him a pioneer in the industry.

The Bollinger Band Toolkit was initially released as a companion to John Bollinger's book “Bollinger on Bollinger Bands.” The new version of this award-winning add-on includes all of the indicators and tools featured in this book as well as many new indicators. These indicators are designed to help you trade successfully in a bullish, bearish, and even sideways markets.

The Bollinger Band Toolkit 2.0 was designed for traders who want to implement John Bollinger’s work in their trading. It is a culmination of John's extensive research in the market and includes 47 indicators, ten market explorations, and nine systems tests.

The following four systems are also included:

  • Method 1: An elegant approach to using Bollinger Bands as a volatility breakout system
  • Method 2: A Trend-Following system that relies on the idea that strong price actions accompanied by strong indicators action is a positive forecast.
  • Method 3: This Reversal system anticipates upcoming reversals by comparing tags of the Bollinger Bands with indicator and price trend.
  • Method 4: A simple and direct pattern-based approach to confirmed breakout trades. For those traders looking to unlock the full power of Bollinger Bands, this is a must-have.

Items Included:


  • BBTK2 - %Bandwidth
  • BBTK2 - %b
  • BBTK2 - AD
  • BBTK2 - AD%
  • BBTK2 - Back in
  • BBTK2 - Bandwidth Delta
  • BBTK2 - Bandwidth
  • BBTK2 - BB Lower
  • BBTK2 - BB Middle
  • BBTK2 - BB Upper
  • BBTK2 - BBAccumulation
  • BBTK2 - BBImpulse
  • BBTK2 - BBIndex
  • BBTK2 - BBMomentum
  • BBTK2 - BBPersist
  • BBTK2 - BBTrend
  • BBTK2 - BE Lower
  • BBTK2 - BE Middle
  • BBTK2 - BE Upper
  • BBTK2 - Breakout
  • BBTK2 - ExpBB Lower
  • BBTK2 - ExpBB Middle
  • BBTK2 - ExpBB Upper
  • BBTK2 - Generic %b Normalizer
  • BBTK2 - II
  • BBTK2 - II%
  • BBTK2 - Method I Long
  • BBTK2 - Method I Short
  • BBTK2 - Method I
  • BBTK2 - Method II Long
  • BBTK2 - Method II Short
  • BBTK2 - Method II
  • BBTK2 - Method III Long
  • BBTK2 - Method III Short
  • BBTK2 - Method III
  • BBTK2 - Method IV Long
  • BBTK2 - Method IV Short
  • BBTK2 - Method IV
  • BBTK2 - MFI
  • BBTK2 - Norm RSI
  • BBTK2 - Norm Vol
  • BBTK2 - OBV
  • BBTK2 - OBV%
  • BBTK2 - RS
  • BBTK2 - Squeeze/Bulge

Expert Advisors

  • BBTK2 - Method I
  • BBTK2 - Method II
  • BBTK2 - Method III
  • BBTK2 - Method IV


  • BBTK2 - Above Upper Band
  • BBTK2 - Method I
  • BBTK2 - Method II
  • BBTK - Method III
  • BBTK - Method IV
  • BBTK2 - BandWidth - (Green - above volume)

System Tests

  • BBTK2 - MA Cross Chand
  • BBTK2 - Method I
  • BBTK2 - Method I Chand
  • BBTK2 - Method II
  • BBTK2 - Method II Chand
  • BBTK2 - Method III
  • BBTK2 - Method III Chand
  • BBTK2 - Method IV
  • BBTK2 - Method IV Chand

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About John Bollinger

John Bollinger is internationally known as the developer of Bollinger Bands which are utilized worldwide for analyzing the financial markets. He is the founder and president of Bollinger Capital Management, a firm that provides money management and proprietary technical analysis research and tools for institutions and individuals. 

His book, “Bollinger on Bollinger Bands” has been translated into twelve languages and his website is the hub for everything related to Bollinger Bands. The site offers free and for pay educational materials as well as information about the Bollinger Band Tool Kit.

John Bollinger is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT). He is the recipient of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco Lifetime Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technical Analysis, the 2005 Market Technicians Association (now the CMT Association) Annual Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Technical Analysis and the IFTA Lifetime Achievement Award.