Silas Peters' 3S Code

3S Code looks for 123 Top and Bottom patterns (sometimes known as A-B-C Tops or A-B-C Bottoms). These patterns and their entry signals depend entirely on price action, so they do not suffer from the lag affecting most indicators.

The patterns represent diminishing price momentum, possibly indicating a change in trend. They typically occur at the end of trends or swings but can also appear within a trading range.

These 123 price patterns are automatically identified for you with MetaStock.

In addition, 3S Code will automatically give you trade management stops losses, a minimum profit target, and a maximum trade profit based on the pattern. These are all clearly displayed on the chart.

With the MetaStock Expert Advisor, you will also get clear pattern identification and plain english definitions.  

3S Code also includes support for the MetaStock Explorer, so you can scan thousands of instruments and find only those with a pattern for the current day.  

As part of your purchase, you’ll also receive:

  • PRIVATE TELEGRAM ROOM: Receive setups each week across the Stocks, Futures, and Forex markets using the proprietary 3S Code Scanner
  • User-defined parameters unique to you and your trading style 
  • VIP Support to help you get set up ASAP
  • Access to all archived sessions

About Silas Peters


Silas has been an active trader for over 15+ years, focusing on equities, commodity futures, currencies & options. He employs analysis, price action, institutional levels, and historical data to put the odds in his favor.

He began working on a global trading desk at the Chicago Board of Trade right out of college, executing trades and large block order flow for hedge funds, banks, institutional investors, commodity trading advisors, and high-net-worth individuals.

In addition to working on various trade desks managing and executing trades in US, European and Asian markets, he has helped build and manage several futures and equity brokerage firms, handling day-to-day operations, trading, risk, and support.

He has also worked as a private family office investment consultant, managed fixed-income and equity portfolios within trust and asset management banking units, and currently serves as Co-Founder and COO of Blue Marlin Advisors.

Silas holds (or has held) Series 3, 7, 30, 34, 65, & 66 Securities and Futures Licenses.