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Discover the PowerTools included in the Award-Winning MetaStock Trading Platform

QuoteCenter – All Your Securities at Your Finger Tips

Sort on a variety of criteria to view the data important to you, then just double click on a security if you want to see a chart.

QuoteCenter is your one-stop spot to see the current status of the securities that you are interested in. You can view your pick list, your positions, your indices… any list you choose. More than that, you can easily build and set up lists using QuoteCenter.

OptionScope – Sortable, Customizable, Color-coded Options Data

View Puts/Calls with Net Change, % Change, Bid, Ask, Implied Volatility, Close, Open Interest, and Volume

OptionScope puts all critical info at your fingertips. The OptionScope option chain display gives you sortable, customizable, color-coded options data – including the greeks.

The OptionScope filter window makes honing in on the data you want to see a breeze. Of course, MetaStock’s legendary charts are just a click away, saving you time and effort.

  • Real-Time and EOD Versions
  • Rated Best Software in it’s category for the last 25 years in a row by Stocks and Commodities Magazine.
  • Over 250 built-in trading indicators and systems
  • 9 Core Chart Styles
  • Easy-to-learn formula language
  • Convenient templates that save you time and effort
  • Name-Brand Systems such as Bollinger Bands, RMO, Landry, etc

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