You’re invited to join us in Singapore on Saturday, February 22nd for a full day of in-person trading instruction from Daryl Guppy, Stuart McPhee, Robin Ho, and Kelly Clement.

We've pulled out all the stops for this live trading event. Some of the Best Industry Experts are going to show you what it takes to be a successful trader in ANY market with ANY account size. This event is for traders of any level. We expect this event to reach capacity. Register now to save your seat.

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Kelly Clement

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Tools for Successful Trading

MetaStock has been helping traders become successful for over 30 years. The reason? The tools included in MetaStock are among the best in the industry. During this interactive presentation Kelly will cover:

What does it take to be a successful trader?

How do you sort through the thousands of securities, and hundreds of indicators and systems, to find the ones right for you and your trading style?

Once you’ve developed your strategy, how do you test it BEFORE you spend your first trading dollar?

How can MetaStock give you the insight of industry professionals…right at your fingertips?

See how the MetaStock Power Console gives you the flexibility to chart, scan, and test all in one easy workflow to develop your strategies.

About Kelly Clement

Kelly Clement is the CEO of MetaStock and has been with the company for 16 years. During his tenure with the company, Mr. Clement has spent extensive time presenting at trade shows, seminars, and MetaStock training workshops. He has spoken on a wide variety of trading topics ranging from stocks to futures to forex in numerous countries including the United States, Canada, Greece, Egypt, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and many more. Mr. Clement has also created dozens of training manuals and videos on MetaStock.

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Tea Break

10:30 AM - 10:45 AM


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Robin Ho

10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Trading Price and Volume Action with a Trade Plan

How do top traders identify trading opportunities and make precise trading calls? Ask any successful trader, and you will find that their trading strategies usually involve planning out their trades and sticking to their plans as the trading session gets underway.

In this seminar, Mr. Robin Ho will be sharing about the importance of a trading plan, and why having a one is critical if you want to maximize your profit and minimize your loss. With recent case studies of real trades, Robin will also share how his trade plans have helped him take high probability trades with using his proprietary price and volume action strategies.

About Robin Ho

Robin Ho is a top tier trader and remisier at Phillip Capital. He became a well sought after speaker after turning $100,000 into $2 million in 15 months during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Since November 2017, Mr. Ho has partnered with Societe Generale to promote the Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC) via webinars and monthly seminars. Over the years, he has mentored thousands of traders and has been an accredited trainer at SGX Academy since 2012.

Hundreds of subscribers are following his proprietary trading signals that use price action strategies, which he believes is most relevant for the volatile market today. He has also been featured in major publications such as The Straits Times, The Business Times and Zaobao. He shares his trading ideas on, and “RHO Trading Signals”Facebook group.

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12:15 PM - 1:15 PM



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Stuart McPhee

1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

Top 10 Habits of Successful Traders

Based on extensive personal trading coaching, Stuart will explore different habits that aspiring traders should develop to offer themselves the best chance of consistent profitability. He will discuss his own beliefs on developing a trading strategy that will work for you and explain why many successful traders use data to drive their decisions. He will cover the often-overlooked importance of selecting your suitable time frame, and then explain how successful traders use consistency to their advantage. Finally, he will cover critical risk management rules that have stood the test of time and that will make or break you as a trader.

About Stuart McPhee

Stuart McPhee is a private trader, a best-selling author, a personal trading coach, and has consulted to numerous financial services companies in Australia and throughout South East Asia.

He is one of Australia's most compelling speakers on trading, as well as being a trader for over 20 years. Since 2000, he has spoken live in front of tens of thousands of fellow traders from Mumbai to New York, Tokyo to London, Melbourne to Beijing, and many places in between. He has helped countless traders improve their performance with his expertise in technical analysis, trading psychology, risk management, the trading process and developing a trading plan.

Stuart regularly travels and presents at major trading events, presents trading seminars, conducts staff training and personal trading coaching. His best selling trading book, 'Trading in a Nutshell, 4th Edition' (John Wiley) as well as his presentations, are not about vague concepts that don't work in the real world. They are about incredibly practical, time-saving strategies that you need to implement to become an extremely successful trader.

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Tea Break

2:45 PM - 3:00 PM



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Daryl Guppy

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Turning Strategy into Better Trades

When trade wars continue where do you find opportunities? Daryl Guppy provides an outlook for major markets and commodities. Fresh from high-level Belt and Road conferences in China he will give an analysis of China-US trade relations and developments. He explains his strategies for 2020 and the tools and instruments he will apply.

When you trade determines what you trade and how you trade. Strategy determines tactics and tactics to determine how you select, integrate and apply indicators. Guppy takes you through the process he uses to identify a strategy and then put the strategy into a tactical application to identify high probability trades that can be executed via instruments of your choice. The rules of engagement flow from the strategy you adopt.

Guppy will share and explain the most suitable analysis methods and trade tools he uses for current market conditions.

About Daryl Guppy

Daryl Guppy has provided trading and investment analysis of financial markets for more than 25 years. He trades his own capital. He has a well-established public record of successful trade calls for trading local and global equity, commodity and FX markets.

Mr. Guppy has unique experience in trading Western and mainland Chinese markets. He is recognized as an international investment master. His nine popular books published by John Wiley include “Trend Trading”and “The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders.”He has developed several technical indicators that are included in industry-standard software such as MetaStock and many other charting programs. Globally many traders use the technical indicators developed by Guppy to trade equities and other markets. He is a special consultant for AxiCorp.

Mr. Guppy is a regular host anchor on CNBC Asia where he is known as “The Chartman.”He provided strategic market analysis for CNBC business television in a weekly column and regular TV interviews. Daryl is a regular contributor to financial magazines and media in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, and the US. He is a columnist in Singapore’s The Edge, Business Times, China Daily and Shanghai Security News.

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RNN Conference Center

137 Cecil Street
Hengda Building
Fuji Room, located at level 4(#04-01)
Singapore 069537

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