The MetaStock PowerTools: Power to the People

The PowerTools include the Explorer, the System Tester, the Expert Adviser and the FORECASTER. They come standard in all versions of MetaStock, and are designed to help traders of all levels.

"Where do I start in a universe of instruments?"

There are thousands of instruments out there. Moreover there are hundreds of systems you might want to use to trade them. How do you even begin to sort through the possibilities? How do you find the winners? Enter the MetaStock Explorer. The Explorer lets you use YOUR criteria to scan the markets and find the instruments that fit YOUR strategy.

"How do I interpret the indicators on my chart?"

Imagine having the input of industry professionals when and where you need it. That's what the MetaStock Expert Advisor is all about. You can display the industry's most popular indicators with correlating buy and sell signals. Expert commentary gives you specific information about the indicators and what triggered the signal. It's a great educational tool.

"How can I test and optimize my strategies?"

Do you want to create, back-test, compare, and optimize your strategies BEFORE you risk money in the market. With the MetaStock System Tester you can. You can even test multiple instruments against multiple systems. By analyzing every trade that would have occurred historically, you build confidence in your system... something all traders need.

"How do I know where prices will go next?"

You’ve analyzed the market and identified your trading opportunities, but where are prices likely to go?... and how long will it take to get there? What trading opportunities are there with this trade? The MetaStock FORECASTER uses patent-pending technology to help you see a more clear picture of tomorrow and set more precise stops and profit targets.