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Refinitiv DataLink™is world-class market data you can trust

Make your trading decisions with the same confidence that 1000's of our clients already enjoy. Refinitiv DataLink market data comes from Refinitiv, the world's best known and most reliable information provider. Successful, profitable trading depends on premium data, and no other end-of-day data is more dependable than DataLink.

Good analysis starts with accurate data

Accurate, clean data is critical to your analysis. Imagine if your data had one discrepancy on each security you tested (this isn’t out of the question considering it likely doesn’t auto-correct or take into account stock splits). Considering your trading system test might take hundreds of trades per year for 10 years, you could be looking at thousands of errors. How much confidence do you have in the accuracy of your data?

Refinitiv DataLink is clean, reliable, corrected data. This gives you an edge over other individual investors in the market who use low quality data and risk trading on bad signals.

Data on Demand

When you have Refinitiv DataLink and MetaStock you have Data On Demand, an exclusive DataLink feature. Just enter the symbol and the chart automatically displays, even if you don’t have the data loaded on your computer. You instantly get your information, saving you the time and hassle of downloading data.

Don't get locked in

Refinitiv DataLink has the data you need to power the broad market analysis tools found in MetaStock 9.0 or later – but it can be used with a number of leading charting software packages. Plus, you can get data from nearly 3,000 indices from around the world with the included optional Worldwide Indices package.

Unlimited access to all the instruments

Refinitiv DataLink does not restrict the number of symbols you can download. Our data feed lets you collect on an unlimited number of instruments, exposing large amounts of data for charting, system testing, and scanning.

Free Support means you are never on your own

Refinitiv DataLink's offers free, unlimited technical support. Our experienced and highly trained Support team knows DataLink's inside and out, so they can solve your problems quickly and efficiently

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