5 days, 39 professionals, 41 hours of tips and strategies for active traders.

You're invited to join us at Online Traders Conference on November 7 - 11, 2022. Thirty-nine industry experts are going to show you what it takes to be a successful trader in ANY market with ANY account size. This event is for traders of all levels, and all presentations will be recorded and delivered to everyone that registers.

Steve Bigalow

Steve Bigalow

MON • NOV 7 • 10:00 AM EST

Identify Big Breakout Price Moves Setups with Candlestick Patterns

Imagine having the ability to identify when a significant price breakout move is about to occur. You have that capability when utilizing candlestick charts.

When are the big trades about to occur? Candlestick signals and patterns produce high-probability trend identification results. These can improve significantly when using a Candlestick confirming indicator. OR Two confirming indicators, or three confirming indicators, or four confirming indicators.

Simple logic, the more confirming indicators that illustrate why a new trend is starting, the greater the probabilities of a correct trade and a strong price move trade!

Learn the Candlestick POWER TRADE setups that produce high probability Breakout moves. You will discover simple trade setup parameters:

1. Learn to recognize high-probability candlestick pattern setups

2. Gain valuable insights for implementing high-profit day trades based upon the multiple confirmations of candlestick signals and patterns

3. Discover breakout indicators most investors are unaware of with simple scanning

4. Develop Candlestick pattern Trade “insights” that provide a constant supply of big profitable trades

About Stephen W. Bigalow

Stephen W. Bigalow possesses over thirty years of investment experience, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms: Kidder Peabody & Company, Cowen & Company, and Oppenheimer & Company. (Followed by fifteen years of commodity trading, overlapped with twelve years of real estate investing) He holds a business and economics degree from Cornell University and has lectured at Cornell and at many private educational investment functions over the past thirty years.

Mr. Bigalow has advised professional traders, money managers, mutual funds, and hedge funds, and is recognized by many in the trading community as the "professional's professional." He is an affiliate of the "Market Technicians Association". (mta.org - A non-profit association of professional technical analysts) and a member of AAPTA, the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. (aapta.us)

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Price Headley

Price Headley

MON • NOV 7 • 11:00 AM EST

How to Trade 'Same Week' Options in 48 Hours or Less

  • This Method Buys Options 1-2 Days Before Expiration -  which increases leverage while decreasing cost.
  • We Start With +100% Profit Targets and -50% Stops - but when a stock gaps, we have limited risk and unlimited upside.
  • Our Unique "Double Confirmation" Approach Helps Us Filter Signals - this reduces "Fake-Outs" while giving us tremendous conviction.

About Price Headley

Price Headley is the founder of BigTrends.com, which provides investors with specific real-time stock and options strategies and investment education to profit from significant market trends.

Price has appeared on CNBC, Fox News, CNNfn, Bloomberg Television, and a variety of print and online financial news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, USA Today, and Bloomberg Personal. Timer Digest recognized the success of BigTrends.com's investment strategies by ranking Price among the Top 10 Market Timers for stock market timing. Now you can use Price’s award-winning strategies exclusively in MetaStock.

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Scott Brown

Scott Brown

MON • NOV 7 • 12:00 PM EST

Predicting Price Action Using the MetaStock FORECASTER

As traders, we all want to know where the price is going to go after we get our buy or sell signal. This is especially powerful for options traders.

Enter MetaStock FORECASTER. The FORECASTER uses patented technology to help traders just like you understand the tendency of price after a technical setup occurs.

In this presentation we will cover how this happens and answer the following questions:

  • What is the MetaStock FORECASTER?
  • How does the FORECASTER work and how will it impact my trading?
  • How do I use the FORECASTER to find technical setups?
  • How do I read the "Forecast Cloud" Patterns and what do they tell me about my set-ups?
  • How can I look into the past to see how the FORECASTER performed on my securities?

About Scott Brown

Innovative Market Analysis, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, was founded in 2013 by Scott Brown. Innovative Market Analysis acquired the MetaStock software line directly from Refinitiv on June 14, 2013. The company is responsible for supporting, developing, and programming the software as well as management of MetaStock customer accounts.

Innovative Market Analysis maintains a solid working relationship with Refinitiv, using Reuters data feeds Refinitiv DataLink and XENITH to power all versions of MetaStock. On the institutional side, Refinitiv clients still use MetaStock Pro for Eikon. These institutional accounts are serviced and supported by Innovative Market Analysis. 

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Tushar Chande

Tushar Chande

MON • NOV 7 • 1:00 PM EST

Want to buy near market lows? Yes, there is a system for that.

Ever wanted to buy a stock or market near its lows? Yes, there is a system for that.

With the massive selloff in the market, opportunities are plentiful to buy near lows.

But how to cut through conflicting information and trade with confidence?

The Chande Swing System buys strength after weakness.

The rules are simple and robust, with the same rules used on all instruments and time frames.

We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this system.

Tushar Chande's Complete Toolbox. It's All You Need. Really.

About Tushar Chande

For more than fifteen years, Tushar Chande traded the futures markets for high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients as a CTA and hedge-fund owner. He has cemented his reputation as one of the most creative contributors to technical analysis as the author of "The New Technical Trader" (with Stanley Kroll) and of "Beyond Technical Analysis,".

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been traded using his ideas and concepts. He was the first to create adaptive exponential moving averages (VIDYA) and wildly popular indicators such as stochRSI, Aroon, CMO, Forecast Oscillator, Qstick, and many more. His indicators are included in virtually all major trading platforms and TA packages.

Mr. Chande has earned a Ph.D. in Engineering, an MBA in Finance, and more than ten patents from the USPTO.

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Melissa Armo

Melissa Armo

MON • NOV 7 • 2:00 PM EST

Earn a Living Trading Part Time

The stock market is accessible to everyone from any walk of life to trade. You can make money trading on a consistent weekly basis. Why, then, isn't EVERYONE profitable? Most traders need more focus and a good strategy. They do too many things and are all over the place.

One essential part of the day where 80% of the momentum occurs- the morning. If you can focus on the first 30 minutes of the market opening, you can book fast profits and have the rest of the day to yourself.

Make trading easy for yourself; use ONE STRATEGY. The Golden Gap Strategy is easy to follow, and you can use it in any market to make money trading.

You must focus on One Strategy.

You need a system that works! And one that works consistently over time in any market. It needs to work independently of, or regardless of, the market. The Golden Gap strategy works independently of the market!

You must focus on Institutional Money.

Too many traders trade all day and give back profits in the afternoon. Don't waste needless hours staring at a screen for little or no gain. Focus on the morning moves to capture the big profits.

The Golden Gap System predicts where institutional money will go — long or short. This is important for you as an individual trader to make money alongside the significant moves of hedge funds, banks, and large professional traders.

The 26-Point Golden Gap Rating System is a plan of action to help you achieve profitability AND trading success. The 26-Point Rating System also can be used for day trade, swing trade, and position trade options.

I mentor my students. I call trades daily in the live trading room, with entries, stops, AND trade targets. Come to this live webinar to learn more.

About Mellisa Armo

I am the Founder and Owner of an international educational company where I teach people how to successfully trade the stock market. The method I teach, own, and created is unique to The Stock Swoosh, LLC. The method is based on one strategy called Golden Gaps which pinpoints institutional money in the stock market. I also am the executive producer and creator of my television show which I titled "Make A Million with Melissa". Make A Million with Melissa is a "What to do" and "How to do it" television show on stock trading. I appear on TV as an expert stock market analyst discussing the market, stocks, news, and world events on Fox News, Fox Business Network, RT America, Cheddar TV, & CBS News Corporation.

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Oscar Carboni

Oscar Carboni

MON • NOV 7 • 3:00 PM EST

Forget the News! Read the Charts.

While most traders look here and there for the latest market driving news tidbits, I say, "It's All In The Charts!" A chart is nothing less than a visual "look" at all the news, government reports, insider movements, and traders' reactions to that information, all built into one static-free, emotion-free picture. The Daily Chart!

Using The OMNI (Oscar's Market Navigational Indicator) approach to technical analysis, traders can project the next market move with an eyebrow-raising high accuracy. Even more critical to a trader than how to spot the next market move is knowing where, why, and how to place a protective stop on either long or short positions.

As traders, we are all aware of how lightning-fast markets can make an unexpected move. A trader's stop placement is even more important than the decision of where to enter the market.

Join me as I give you a short course on reviewing a chart and how to use them as a road map to the next market move instead of living in a 24-hour news dissemination nightmare.

About Oscar Carboni

Born in Manhattan and raised in Staten Island, Michael (Oscar) Carboni stumbled upon the exciting world of commodities trading while a freshman college student visiting his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Lisa, who had just gotten a job on the floor. Soon the lure of big money in the fast-paced, pressure-packed 'pits' (as brilliantly captured in the movie 'Trading Places' with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd) prompted Oscar to pursue a full-time career on the Commodities Exchange.

Working the floor by day, Oscar took evening classes at the New York Institute of Finance. Under the tutelage of world-renowned analyst John J Murphy, Oscar became a well-respected analyst among his peers and soon started his own successful order execution, trading and analysis firm. His consistently reliable advice drew attention from investors around the world, and at the request of his clients, Oscar has traveled the world many times over solidifying existing and forging new relationships in the international community.

After many years in the pressure cooker floor environment, Oscar combined his technical savvy with his floor experience to create a unique 'hybrid' style of analysis which he has begun to share with the world through his new daily video series 'Short Term Trading with Oscar', which is available through his website www.futurestraders.com and on Youtube.

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Barry Burns

Barry Burns

MON • NOV 7 • 4:00 PM EST

Timing Your Trades for Accurate Entries and Exits

"Retail traders (amateurs) are often right, but at the wrong time." That's a quote from Barry’s trading mentors and he found it to be one of the most important things he ever learned.

It explains why so many traders enter a trade, quickly get stopped out, and then the market resumes in the original direction of their trade. They failed to TIME the market correctly.

You can be very educated about the markets, but if you don't know EXACTLY when and where to get in and out, all the education in the world won't do you much good.There are only 2 dimensions on a chart:the price axis and the time axis. And of the two, W.D. Gann said that time is more important than price.

Nearly all technical analysis focuses on price. Very few traders learn how to TIME the market with precision ... yet it is fully half of the information available on every chart. Therefore most traders ignore fully 1/2 of the information available to them on every chart.

It's like trading with impaired vision.

In fact, this issue of TIMING is the one thing rarely taught and the one thing holding most educated traders back from making money consistently. The way to uncover the secret of timing the markets is by unveiling the hidden power of market cycles.

It's amazing that while all traders desperately want to know exactly where and WHEN to enter and exit a trade, most traders don't even have a market cycle indicator on their chart!

Now that's just crazy.

Attend this webinar and learn the power of cycles and how you can apply them in YOUR own trading immediately.

Whether you trade stocks, futures, Forex or options, this could be the key you've been looking for.

About Barry Burns

Dr. Barry Burns is a businessman who has owned several small companies. His business background had taught him to focus on the bottom line, so his study of the financial markets was for one purpose only: to make profits.

He started his study of the markets under the direction of his father, Patrick F. Burns, who became independently wealthy through trading and had over 70 years of trading experience before passing away in 2005.

Barry Burns furthered his education by reading over 100 books on trading and investing, and spent over $50,000 in trading courses and education.

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Martha Stokes

Martha Stokes

MON • NOV 7 • 5:00 PM EST

Super Charge Your Trading Profits

Whether the market is moving up or down, I’m making money by thinking ahead using a comprehensive, leading analysis I call “Relational Technical Analysis.”

Join me in discovering how to recognize the footprints of the institutional market participants in the charts for supercharged trading profits.

You will also get a peek inside TechniTrader’s custom tools for MetaStock.

Be sure to stay through to the end of the presentation to find out how to get your free bonus for attending today’s presentation.

You will learn:

  • Patterns that reveal Dark Pool buy zones for setting up for explosive reversals.
  • How candlestick patterns and leading indicators move when Professional Traders set up early for fast-moving swing trades in either direction.
  • The power of TechniTrader’s custom Essential indicators designed for MetaStock.
  • How my “Market Condition Analysis” explorations for MetaStock can guide your trading activity in all market conditions.

About Martha Stokes CMT

Martha Stokes CMT is the Co-founder and CEO of TechniTrader® “The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education.” She is a former Buy-Side Technical Analyst. Since 1998 she has developed over 40 TechniTrader Stock and Option courses and classes for beginning to advanced investors and traders. Courses for financial planners, advisors and professional traders include Relational Analysis™ for portfolio management practices.

She has been a guest speaker for TradeStation, MetaStock, TC2000, MoneyShow, AAII, Boeing, Options Traders, Livevol, and the Market Technicians Association Puget Sound Chapter. She writes weekly publications for TechniTrader Students, New Technologies Reports, and produces an annual Industry and Sector Report, and a Market Structure Report. She is a contributor on numerous sites including TC2000 3rd Party Research, MetaStock Forum, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Livevol, Stockcharts, and Trader Planet. She has toured the US and Canada teaching seminars for TC2000 and MetaStock and is a featured guest on radio shows in those countries.

Martha Stokes CMT specializes in Relational Analysis™ for stocks and options, and Market Condition Analysis. Her focus for long-term investments is emerging displacement technologies that will have a significant impact on the stock market. She is a member of the Market Technicians Association, and earned the Chartered Market Technician designation with her thesis "Cycle Evolution Theory." 

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Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein

MON • NOV 7 • 6:00 PM EST

My Five Top Timing Indicators and How to Use Them

As a result of the Covid epidemic, many people have been staying home, working from home, and collecting government stimulus money.

Consequently, there has been a significant increase in the number of new traders in all areas of the capital markets.

The good news is that this has added to liquidity. The bad news is people have lost money because they need help understanding the many different technical indicators that can be used for trading.

In this presentation, I will show my top-five timing indicators and exactly how to use them objectively in a trading or investing program. My use of indicators may be distinctly different than what you have learned before.

Don’t miss it.

About Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein is an internationally recognized market analyst, trader, and author. He has written more than 44 books, numerous research studies, and newsletters on futures trading, stock trading, trader psychology & economic forecasting.

Mr. Bernstein is the publisher of several market reports. Now presented in digital media video format, The Jake Bernstein Online Weekly Capital Markets Report and Analysis has been published every week since 1972 without interruption.

Starting with trading futures and stocks in 1968, Jake has appeared frequently on radio and television throughout the United States and Canada. He has been a guest on numerous business radio and television shows including Wall Street Week, CNBC, JagFN.TV and WebTV.com.

Mr. Bernstein also lectured extensively in the United States, Canada, Mexican Peso and Asia. His forecasts and opinions are quoted frequently in the financial press and on numerous websites. Mr. Bernstein is a consultant to investors, traders, industry, financial institutions, short-term traders, brokerage firms, and commercial firms. His market advisory services are subscribed to by floor traders, professional traders, money managers, both new and experienced traders and hedgers, the world over.

Jake has pioneered numerous technical, cyclical, and seasonal methodologies in the futures markets.

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John Osborn

John Osborn

TUE • NOV 8 • 10:00 AM EST

Reveal Hidden Market Moves with this Stock Market GPS to Succeed in Trading

Ever felt lost in guessing which way a stock is going to move? It’s like driving through an unfamiliar city and trying to find a path to your destination. Wise traders know the trend is your friend, though few traders know how to identify real-time market direction that lets you put that critical advice to work.

Knowing the trend lets you get in at the right time and tells you when to stay in trades for longer runs, giving you the best chance to capture bigger chunks of even gigantic stock moves. Now you can quickly reveal even hidden trend signals, right on your charts, like a Stock Market GPS.

If you’re tired of watching stocks move without you, you will love what we use on our charts to guide our trades. We’ve simplified the complexity for you, so you can follow easy-to-use guidance to drive your equity curve to new heights. John will demonstrate how you can significantly improve your trading by:

  • Clearly identifying trends beyond the typical bullish, bearish and neutral.
  • Helping you ride out more significant moves for bigger gains.
  • Keeping you from trading the “wrong side of the mountain.”
  • Making it easier to avoid choppy markets.
  • Fundamentally improving your win/loss and reward/risk ratios.

No matter what trading style you use, you’ll learn why MTP2 is one of Base Camp Trading’s most essential and most loved indicators, and it’s available now on MetaStock.

About John Osborn

John Osborn wears a lot of hats at Base Camp Trading. He is a trading analyst and instructor that you will find in the trading rooms from time to time. Additionally, John develops trading indicators, strategies and documentation to help BCT members and clients find trading opportunities in alignment with our trading strategies. John is a software engineer and trader with over 20 years of trading experience, including a background in designing human machine interfaces for submarine systems for the Department of Defense, and managing projects and project management positions at a large pharmaceutical company. John has also been a collegiate computer science instructor.

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Wendy Kirkland

Wendy Kirkland

TUE • NOV 8 • 11:00 AM EST

Proprietary Indicators Pinpoint Market Trades

In this session, Wendy will demonstrate proprietary chart indicators that zero in on explosive upside and downside moves. This process focuses on equities with large consistent moves, highlighting those that have are extremely overbought and oversold. It also brings to light those equities that are changing direction and points to trades with confirmed entries.

Wendy reveals a plan that can greatly improve your trading success. Don't miss it.

About Wendy Kirkland

How did an award-winning artist and sculptor, who owned an eclectic gift shop in Historic Biltmore Village, end up an option guru?

A freak flood left Wendy's store in ruin and forced her to find a new source of income. Determined to secure her financial future, Wendy turned to option trading and the leverage it offers.

Inspired to help other women enjoy the financial security she had found, Wendy launched Women Option Traders and began giving online classes. In 2009 Wendy co-authored,  "Option Trading In Your Spare Time - A Guide to Financial Independence for Women."

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Rick Saddler

Rick Saddler

TUE • NOV 8 • 12:00 PM EST

9 Pro Tips to Make Swing Trading Simple

In this presentation, I will cover 9 Pro Tips that have made Trading easier to understand and trade for profits. These 9 Pro Tips have become the staple for seasoned trades and have helped new and struggling traders take the next step, even leaps.

When you leave my presentation, you will have the tools to begin your journey to becoming a successful trader.

About Rick Saddler

Rick Saddler has been an employee and a business owner. He had a dream to quit his day job and learn to trade the stock market. Rick is living that dream. Rick also wanted to help others avoid some of the difficult lessons he learned along the way, so he founded Hit and Run Candlesticks.

Now every day in the Hit and Run Candlesticks live trading room. Rick shares with others what he learned. Most importantly, you could enter a short-term trade with low-risk, grab your profits after a successful swing, and sleep well at night. His bottom line has become "simplicity equals success."

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Alex Cole

Alex Cole

TUE • NOV 8 • 1:00 PM EST

Clean up your Charts - Responsible Trading in Uncertain Markets

GoNoGo Charts were meticulously developed over years to equip institutional asset managers, traders, and analysts with a complete technical market perspective without introducing Analysis Paralysis. By blending the many indicators critical to identifying trends, traders can remove their own bias from decision-making. Now available on Metastock, GoNoGo Charts deliver simple-to-read visual tools about whether the market environment is a “Go” for launch, eliminating the narrative about what could be or should be happening.

Join Alex Cole and Tyler Wood to learn more about how institutional traders focus on risk management, position-sizing, and a disciplined approach to capturing returns across multiple asset classes, even during bear markets. In this session, attendees will learn how to structure their disciplined trading process with consistent rules that fit their trading strategy, but more importantly, to avoid analysis paralysis by keeping their focus on price, not endless indicators. Alex and Tyler will specifically discuss relative strength, divergence, momentum, and trend analysis with a view on current markets and opportunities for investors of any size.

About Alex Cole

Alex Cole is a market analyst and software developer. Over the past 15 years, Alex has led technical analysis and data visualization teams, directing both business strategy and product development of analytics tools for investment professionals.

As an analyst, Alex has frequently contributed to financial news industry organizations such as Bloomberg and Benzinga. He has delivered presentations to the members of the CMT Association in the US and internationally including the 44th Annual CMT Symposium in NYC and the 2020 India Investment Summit. In addition, Alex has provided multiple workshops based on the GoNoGo Charts suite of indicators as part of the CMT’s educational webinar series.

Alex has created and implemented training programs for large corporations and for private clients. His teaching covers a wide breadth of Technical Analysis subjects from introductory to advanced trading strategies. In addition, Alex serves as the lead instructor and subject matter expert for John Wiley and Son's Efficient Learning division. Alex was responsible for creating instructor materials and video lectures for a complete educational course designed to prepare candidates for the CMT Program.

Alex earned his MA in English Literature and an MBA in Global Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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Jerry Allison

Jerry Allison

TUE • NOV 8 • 2:00 PM EST

Trader Tax Status vs. Investor and What It Means To You

If you arent careful the IRS can and will classify you as an investor, this can have terrible ramifications for taxes on trading.

As an investor, reporting your trading is complicated, and the taxes can be punitive. On top of that, due to the tax changes, your deductions are limited.

If you trade with an expectation of making a profit, knowledgeably dealing with your taxes can save you money and headache.

Jerry Allison our CPA on staff, will teach you about Trader Tax Status and what it takes for the IRS to recognize you as a professional trader.

In his presentation, he will lead you through an interactive workshop on:

  • Trader Tax Status
  • What does it take to qualify
  • What is trader tax status and what does it mean to you and the IRS
  • How the status changes your deductions
  • The burdens the IRS places on investors
  • Trading as a business
  • The IRS “special rules” surrounding “Traders Status”
  • Our suggestions for maintaining this status
  • Mark-to-Market Accounting

About Jerry Allison

Jerry is a CPA and holds a doctorate in business administration as well as a master’s degree in mathematics. He has 30+ years in accounting and taxation helping clients start and maintain businesses in many different industries. He also has 25 years of teaching experience at the college level, he has inspired students to become more than what they thought they could be.

Jerry is married and a father to three wonderful children ranging from 9 years old to 16 years old. In his free time, Jerry enjoys computer programming, writing, cooking, music, remodeling the house, and spending time with his family and friends.

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Todd Horwit

Todd Horwitz

TUE • NOV 8 • 3:00 PM EST

Futures Portfolio Management- A Systematic and Diversified Approach to Futures Trading

Playing by the rules is critical for success in life. In sports, ignoring rules lead to costly penalties that can swing a win to a loss. In life, sidestepping rules can lead to expensive fines or even the loss of freedom. In trading and investing, rules avoid the costly mistakes caused by ego and emotions.

No one is smarter than the markets. The price of an asset is always the right price. Futures markets tend to be highly volatile. Many market participants avoid futures because of the leverage and wide price variance. What they do not realize is that volatility creates opportunities.

Bubba Horwitz’s Futures Portfolio Management and the Micro & Mini Futures Portfolios offer a systematic approach to the markets with lots of low-hanging fruit regarding profits.

The system takes advantage of bull and bear market trends and always carries risk positions. Your capital always works for you and never sits on the sidelines, as markets never sleep.

The system is diversified. Diversification tends to lower risk and enhance rewards. A safer approach to trading and investing increases confidence and allows for more substantial long-term rewards over time.

About Todd Horwitz

For nearly 40 years, Todd “Bubba” Horwitz has enjoyed a successful career in the financial industry. He began his profession in 1980 as was one of the original market makers in the OEX Trading Pit at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He has traded at all of the major exchanges in Chicago and is currently a member of the CBOT.

In addition to his career as a skilled trader and investor, Bubba has spent the last 8 years as a mentor and educator to traders of all levels. Bubba continues to concentrate on the education and training of would-be investors, teaching them the ins and outs of a professional trader. As the founder and Chief Strategist of BubbaTrading.com, Bubba manages the development and distribution of market content, product development and trade ideas.

As an advocate of financial literacy, Bubba has also developed a program for high school students that allows them to learn and trade markets.

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Ed Downs

Ed Downs

TUE • NOV 8 • 4:00 PM EST

Chart Patterns Reveal Investor Psychology

Chart Patterns reveal investor psychology and can point the way to big moves. How do we find and profit from them?

Join us as Ed Downs, CEO, and founder of Fulgent Technologies, LLC and author of “The 7 Chart Patterns that Consistently Make Money,” applies his 35 years of market experience to show how to find the most predictive chart patterns in any market. Ed will cover the following topics and answer any questions you may have. 

  • Three Chart Patterns that are nearly 100% Accurate
  • Establishing Profit Targets to Maximize Gains
  • Scanning for Patterns using the Explorer in MetaStock
  • Examples from the recent market 

“The ability to find and interpret the most predictive Chart Patterns is an essential skill for profitable trading. It’s amazing how well certain patterns work! Once you learn how to spot them, you’ll be ahead of 90% of other investors and traders.” – Ed Downs

About Ed Downs

Ed Downs, Software Engineer, and veteran trader launched Fulgent Technologies in 2019, using AI technology developed by Nirvana Systems, Inc. from 1996 through 2018. Over the past 22 years, Mr. Downs has led his team to apply AI methods to intelligently identify the many high-probability opportunities that appear every day in freely-traded markets, and especially Chart Patterns.

In 2003, Ed and his team built the first Chart Pattern Recognition software, which has been improved ever since. Currently, in its 6th revision, the Chart Pattern Engine is second to none in terms of its ability to find all the major chart patterns that appear in charts.

The goal of Fulgent AI is to provide the best possible trade Ideas for the end-user. The Chart Pattern Engine for MetaStock brings the power of Chart Pattern Recognition to all MetaStock users.

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Peter Dalal

Peter Dalal

TUE • NOV 8 • 5:00 PM EST

Trading Patterns For the Best Potential Opportunities.

Trading takes a great deal of studying, practice, and discipline. With the volatile market, it can take time to understand how it all works. 

 Magic Trader®️offers a faster way to find the best potential opportunities without spending so much time on analysis. 

 During this 60-minute webinar, Peter will help you understand the following:

  • How to Eliminate Time-consuming Technical Analysis
  • How to trade with only 5 Beginner-Friendly Trading Patterns
  • How to Simplify Your Trading Strategies. 
  • How to Quickly Find Entries and Exits for Any Security. 

 There is no need to overcomplicate the traditional indicators such as DOJI patterns, MACD, Moving Averages, RSI Trend Lines, or Fibonacci – ever again. 

 Save your spot today.


About Peter Dalal

Peter Dalal currently holds the Series 3 / 34 CFTC licenses and is the President of Save Dollar Enterprises, Inc. for over twenty years. Mr. Dalal has more than 30 years of experience in trading various markets as an individual trader. He has worked with Wall Street firms as a licensed professional trader and previously held the Series 7/6/63 securities licenses. Peter holds several patents worldwide.

Peter has spoken on a wide variety of trading topics ranging from stocks to futures to Forex in sixty-five cities in the USA and several countries such as:the United States, Malaysia, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Slovenia. Peter Dalal has trained licensed financial professionals for more than 15 years and currently runs a live trading room to help educate others to better understand the financial markets through Multi-Dimensional Risk Analysis using Magic Trader®.

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Silas Peters

Silas Peters

TUE • NOV 8 • 6:00 PM EST

3-Point Price Action Formula to Spot Market Reversals

Learn My "Go-To" Chart Pattern for All Markets. It's a Simple System that:

  • Removes Emotions from Trading
  • Provides Clear Entry, Exit, & Risk Price Points
  • Works in All Markets, All Time-Frames
  • Spots Easy-to-Trade Setups for the Day and Swing Trader

About Silas Peters

Founder, TradesTrending.com, SeasonalSwingTrader.com

Silas has been an active trader for over 15+ years, focusing on equities, commodity futures, currencies & options. He employs analysis, price action, institutional levels, and historical data to put the odds in his favor.

He began working on a global trading desk at the Chicago Board of Trade right out of college, executing trades and large block order flow for hedge funds, banks, institutional investors, commodity trading advisors, and high-net-worth individuals.

In addition to working on various trade desks managing and executing trades in US, European and Asian markets, he has helped build and manage several futures and equity brokerage firms, handling day-to-day operations, trading, risk, and support.

He has also worked as a private family office investment consultant, managed fixed-income and equity portfolios within trust and asset management banking units, and currently serves as Co-Founder and COO of Blue Marlin Advisors.

Silas holds (or has held) Series 3, 7, 30, 34, 65, & 66 Securities and Futures Licenses.

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Vince Vora

Vince Vora

WED • NOV 9 • 10:00 AM EST

Dominating the Markets with One Simple Strategy

Join me and learn a new system designed to take advantage of these post-Covid markets. The markets hold many opportunities for well-prepared traders who know which setups have a higher probability of success. I've put together my Victory system to take advantage of the nuances in these current markets.

You'll learn how my unique combination of technical indicators lets you uncover the best trades in stocks, options, futures, forex, and even cryptocurrency. I will show you real-time forward-looking outlooks on all these markets with complete chart analyses and even show you what to look for before entering and exiting each trade and how to use options strategies to minimize your risk.

About Vince Vora

Vince Vora is the head trader at TradingWins.com. Over the last three decades, he has been trading professionally and developing his trading systems that are based on technical analysis and price action. Over the last few years, his focus has been on teaching people how to become better traders. Mr. Vora's systems range from simple to sophisticated and can be used in any market conditions to trade stocks, options, forex, and futures.

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Rahul Mohindar

Rahul Mohindar

WED • NOV 9 • 11:00 AM EST

Understanding the RMO, RMO II and RMO Super-filter

One of the biggest challenges for any trader is to easily detect the trend and there after grade it. Often when using too many indicators the signals only increase leaving the trader perplexed as to which system to follow or symbol to trade

MetaStock’s built-in RMO (Rahul Mohindar Oscillator) has been a great success story for users worldwide, and there's no reason why you wouldn't benefit from the RMO II and the Superfilter!  These studies are natural extensions to the inbuilt RMO and are part of the very popular RMO ATM 3.0 add-on.

The RMO ATM 3.0 is a game-changer, particularly in terms of strategy automation and opportunity detection which feature handsfree live scanning, as well as email and live Voice Alerts. In this session Rahul will give you an overview of the inbuilt RMO as well as the RMO II and the Superfilter. He will then explain how to practically scan for and implement his strategies with clearly defined rules from both an Equity and Derivatives perspective. So, no matter which instrument or time frame you trade, if market practical’s and a rule-based approach is what you are looking for, this session is bound to benefit you.

About Rahul Mohindar

Rahul Mohindar is the director of Viratech Software and an active trader who appears regularly on CNBC India & Bloomberg. Besides being a market panelist, Mr. Mohindar has also been a guest lecturer across renowned stock exchanges, universities and business schools.

Mr. Mohindar’s findings and research on the markets have been carried in leading business daily’s including the Economic Times and Hindu.

Besides the RMO ATM, Rahul has developed the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO for short) which detects trends in financial markets and is designed to work on Open-High-Low-Close-Vol charts for a wide variety of stocks, futures, options, and FOREX.

Rahul was one of the only few analysts that called a SELL on equities several times in February 2020 before the current crisis after which global indices crashed over 35%, his calls were featured on both CNBC & Bloomberg and he has time and again caught the attention of traders globally. 

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Jeff Gibbys

Jeff Gibby

WED • NOV 9 • 12:00 PM EST

Hidden Gems in MetaStock

In this session, 24 year MetaStock veteran Jeffrey Gibby will discuss the systems, scans, and tools he uses most frequently.

He'll show how to:

  • Set up lists of trending stocks for scanning and following
  • Identify Long Term and Short Term Trend in any instrument
  • Identify specific entries and exits
  • Determine (and move stop losses)
  • Use MetaStock's automatic support, resistance, and trendlines
  • Find stocks that have recently broken through support or resistance on a chart
  • Utilize Seiki Shimzu’s Haguro Method

About Jeff Gibby

Jeffrey Gibby has been working for MetaStock for over 25 years. He is currently in charge of our sales and business development teams and works to create new MetaStock distributors and partners worldwide. Among his responsibilities are the management of new products and services for MetaStock and creating strategic partnerships.

Mr. Gibby works with training companies to help people learn the power of MetaStock. He has spoken to traders worldwide and has trained groups large and small on how to use the software and trade various markets.

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John Osborn

John Osborn

WED • NOV 9 • 1:00 PM EST

Using Value Plus Momentum to Find Your Perfect Trade in 2022

A key to successful trading is knowing the hidden value of a security. Hidden value tells you if your stock is fairly valued, undervalued or overvalued. Just as knowing the bluebook value of a car helps you assess a fair price to pay.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to easily identify value using proprietary, patented techniques
  • To combine value with momentum to produce better results
  • To incorporate value into your trading strategy
  • How value can maximize profitability and minimize risk
  • How to find stocks that are significantly undervalued
  • How to find better trades

Join us and see the techniques that helped a hedge fund strategy from consistently losing to consistently winning.

About John Osborn

John Osborn wears a lot of hats at Base Camp Trading. He is a trading analyst and instructor that you will find in the trading rooms from time to time. Additionally, John develops trading indicators, strategies and documentation to help BCT members and clients find trading opportunities in alignment with our trading strategies. John is a software engineer and trader with over 20 years of trading experience, including a background in designing human machine interfaces for submarine systems for the Department of Defense, and managing projects and project management positions at a large pharmaceutical company. John has also been a collegiate computer science instructor.

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Larry Mcmillan

Larry Mcmillan

WED • NOV 8 • 2:00 PM EST

What Option Indicators are Saying Now!

Option data (price and volume) can often be used to structure trading indicators or systems designed to predict the movements of the broad stock market.

In this session, Larry McMillan will review the prominent ones (put-call ratios, volatility indices such as VIX, etc.) and bring you up-to-date on what these indicators are "saying" at the current time.

About Larry McMillan

Lawrence G. McMillan literally wrote the book on options trading. Options as a Strategic Investment, the best seller published 35 years ago, has now sold over 300,000 copies and is commonly referred to as the "Options Bible". It is the first book people reach for when they are interested in truly understanding volatility and derivatives trading.

An active trader since the early 1970s, Mr. McMillan is widely sought for speaking engagements and education. He edits and distributes a number of publications based on his firm's proprietary work and is often seen on CNBC and Bloomberg TV and cited in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's and other major publications.

Prior to founding his own firm, Mr. McMillan was a proprietary trader at two major brokerage firms - primarily Thomson McKinnon Securities, where he ran the Equity Arbitrage Department for nine years.

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Anne-Marie Baiynd

Anne-Marie Baiynd

WED • NOV 9 • 3:00 PM EST

Risk Management First –Volatile Markets Require Stock Picking Strength

How do we use our trading strategies with a focus on ideal picks?

In this session, we’ll get the top three things we should always look for when assessing risk in the volatile space that will lift win rates and lower risk thresholds in the current volatility.

About Anne-Marie Baiynd

Anne-Marie Baiynd is the president and CEO of thetradingbook.com and its chief market analyst. Trading since 2005, she has been using the simple concepts of support and resistance, combined with wave formations to create trading strategies that deliver results in many market environments and across all instruments. Ms. Baiynd is a regular contributor to Benzinga, See It Market and is active across social media. Her educational background is as a mathematical statistician and neuroscience researcher. She can be reached at TheTradingBook.com and @AnneMarieTrades

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Dan Passarelli

Dan Passarelli

WED • NOV 9 • 4:00 PM EST

Finding High Probability Trades: Technology and Methodology to Increase Your Win Rate

A new screener has been built, tested, and approved for use by any trader in the options market. It's called the Credit Spread Genius, and it tips the playing field in favor of day-to-day traders using the power of real-time data to follow the Smart Money for you. 

You'll learn a system that combines automation and methodology.

You'll be like a fly on the institutional investors' wall. Get behind-the-scenes access like never before.

Discover how less work means more returns.

This Next Level Presentation is for any trader. It doesn't matter how busy you are. This system takes fewer than 30 minutes a day. 

 It doesn't matter if you've never heard of a Credit Spread. After watching this presentation, ANYONE can find High Probability Trades EVERY DAY because this system incorporates REAL TIME data from the CBOE and a PROVEN Methodology to increase your win rate.

 Are you tired of feeling like the big guys have an unfair advantage? This system uses their advantage to YOUR Benefit. That's right. This tool uses their Unfair Advantage to create your Winning Trades.  

About Dan Passarelli

Dan Passarelli is:

  • A trader, an author and a world-renown trading expert
  • A former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • A frequent contributor to Bloomberg Business Television, FOX Business News, CBOE TV, and a resource to journalists
  • An invited speaker educating traders for organizations such as NASDAQ, CBOE, the International Securities Exchange, CME Group, Fidelity Investments, Tradestation, TheStreet.com and The Shanghai Futures Exchange… just to name a few!
  • He’s also a marathon runner, a musician and world traveler

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Steven Primo

Steven Primo

WED • NOV 9 • 5:00 PM EST

3 Exit Strategies That Will Change The Way You Trade

Nearly all traders have been taught the rules of a strategy and what is required to enter the markets. But once in the trade, most traders either exit too early or need help knowing where to exit. The most common question we hear from traders is, "Where do I get out?" Join Steven Primo, Former Stock Exchange Specialist and 45-year professional trader, as he reveals" 3 Exit Strategies That Will Change The Way You Trade." In this webinar, Steven will reveal and teach all 3 of these techniques he learned over four decades ago on the trading floor of the Stock Exchange. Mr. Primo's methods are straightforward yet versatile and can also be applied to trading any market, in any direction, and in any time frame.

About Steven Primo

Steven Primo has been actively involved in trading the markets for over 42 years. His trading tenure began in 1977 when he was hired to work as a Floor Reporter, or "runner,” on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange. 

Primo reached the pinnacle of his floor-trading career when he became a Stock Exchange Specialist for Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jennrette. As a Specialist he was responsible for making markets in over 50 stocks, a position Primo held for 9 years. 

Primo left the Stock Exchange floor in 1994 to focus on managing money and to teach his own unique approach to trading the markets. Scores of students, from beginner to advanced levels, have gone on to become successful traders after being introduced to Primo's proprietary methods of trading. 

Steven has also been featured in "Stocks and Commodities" magazine and is a frequent contributor to many sites such as Tradingmarkets, FXstreet, Forex Pros and Traders Expo.  His strategies are now traded across the globe in over 100 countries on 6 continents.

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John Seville

John Seville

WED • NOV 9 • 6:00 PM EST

Our #1 Ranked Breakout Strategy

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

  • The Best Patterns to Trade in a Market Full of Changing Headlines
  • The 3 P’s (Probability, Profitability, Predictability)
  • The Highest Probability Breakout Pattern for the Current Market Conditions
  • How to Avoid FAKE-OUTS
  • The 3-Step Checklist Before any Breakout Trade Setup

About John Seville

John is the CEO and Founder of Acorn Wealth Corp.

Since Acorn Wealth Corp opened its doors in 2007 John and the rest of his coaching team have taught thousands of students worldwide ‘Smart Money Systems’ that identified key warning signs before the market tops of 2020, 2018, 2015, and 2008.

John’s focus is to help traders master the art of technical analysis by focusing on only the highest probability patterns combined with tracking where the 'Smart Money' was going as a method of finding trading opportunities in the North American equity markets.

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Jeff Tompkins

Jeff Tompkins

THU • NOV 10 • 10:00 AM EST

The "Slingshot" Setup: How to Forecast Market Sell-offs and Rebounds

Discover two simple indicators that can accurately forecast when the market is vulnerable to a sell-off, and when it is most likely to rebound. Join Jeff Tompkins, professional Hedge Fund manager and trading educator, as he reveals a unique method for using these two indicators on the Metastock platform to improve your trading confidence and consistency. The system he has dubbed "The Slingshot" can be applied to any asset on any timeframe. By the end of this special event you will be armed with the tools and knowledge to spot market trends up to three days in advance of an anticipated move.

About Jeff Tompkins

Jeff Tompkins, a professional stock, options and futures trader, has a BS in Finance from Santa Clara University and over 20 years of experience trading the markets. Jeff is also a professional hedge fund manager at Altos Capital. Jeff’s successful career led him to create Altos Trading, LLC in order to help others achieve financial freedom through consistent and profitable trading strategies.

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Adrian Manz

Adrian Manz

THU NOV 10 • 11:00 AM EST

Harness the Volatility and Learn to Profit in Any Market

Investors weathered unpredictable market swings throughout 2022 as pandemic-driven supply chain disruptions, the reality of war in Ukraine, the threat of war in Europe, and macroeconomic uncertainty fueled extreme market volatility. But against this backdrop, Adrian and Julie Manz profited month after month using the same market-dominating strategies they have had in place since 1997.

Adrian has leveraged his understanding of business cycles and human psychology to create strategies that anticipate market moves and get ahead of opportunities rather than chasing them. Join him for this information-packed session that will teach you how to profit in any market environment and timeframe. Whether you trade stocks, futures, options, or ETFs, this presentation will empower you with knowledge and skills to help you profit.

Adrian F. Manz

Dr. Adrian F. Manz has earned his living trading equities in his own account since 1998. He holds a Master's degree in Psychology, an MBA in International Business and Finance from the prestigious Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University, and a Doctorate in Organizational Behavior from the Claremont Graduate University. 

Dr. Manz has developed a trading style that relies on statistical, technical and fundamental analysis in the planning of every trade.

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Kelly Clement

Kelly Clement

THU NOV 10 • 12:00 PM EST

Finding the Best Trading Strategy For You

Given the hundreds of indicators and strategies available to traders, how do we know which to choose?

Do you want a strategy that allows you to trade several times a day? Week? or year?

Which fits your risk tolerance? Are you willing to take more significant drawdowns in exchange for larger possible returns? Or are you more comfortable with a "Turtle" approach?

This one-hour session will show you how MetaStock's PowerTools will help you find the answers to your questions and reveal the best approaches that fit you. 

You'll discover:

  • Your 'comfort zone' for risk/reward
  • Test results to direct you to the best method that works for your trading style
  • Tools to help you tweak your strategies and compare Stop and Max profit techniques
  • How to focus your technical analysis education around the methods that have worked historically on the stocks you want to trade
  • How to get automated alerts based on the system you select
  • How to scour the market quickly to find only those trades that meet your criteria
  • How to predict probable price movement in a security


About Kelly Clement

MetaStock President, Kelly Clement has been with MetaStock for 18 years. During his tenure with MetaStock, he has spent extensive time presenting at trade shows, seminars, training workshops, and working with market experts globally to help train their customers on implementing strategies in MetaStock.

Kelly has spoken on a wide variety of trading topics ranging from stocks to futures to Forex in numerous countries including: The United States, Canada, Greece, Egypt, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and many more.

Kelly has developed several training manuals and hours of video showing traders the best way to use MetaStock to identify trading opportunities using the tools included in MetaStock. His training has been instrumental in helping traders get the most out of MetaStock and using it to make more informed trades.

Kelly also developed the popular SectorStat Experts included in MetaStock XV and above that helps traders understand the breadth of the market and the underlying sectors.

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Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese

THU NOV 10 • 1:00 PM EST

Fausto’s Favorite Trading Tools & How He Uses Them to Spot Breakouts

In this free webinar, Fausto will cover:

  • Ways to trade news and announcements
  • Trading opportunities and how to scan the market
  • Why over 90% of traders lose money
  • Tools that Wall St. doesn’t want retail traders to know about

About Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese, CEO of Cyber Trading University is one of the early “SOES Bandits” who dominated stocks in the 1990s. After semi-retiring as a successful trader in his early-twenties, Fausto developed his own trading school. Fausto is also a twelve-time champion of the MoneyShow Traders’ Challenge and is known for his live-trading events where he gets to prove how well his trading methods work in real-time.

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John Thomas

John Thomas

THU NOV 10 • 2:00 PM EST

The Golden age of Trading is Now!

The final capitulation is in:

  • Inflation is cracking
  • The first leg of a new bull market is just beginning
  • Get on board before the train leaves the station
  • A few stocks will lead this market

Join John Thomas as he discusses the opportunities he sees in this new market.

About John Thomas

John Thomas is a 50-year veteran of the financial markets. From the 1970s, he worked as the Tokyo correspondent for The Economist and the Financial Times.

During the great Japanese bull market of the 1980’s, he ran the institutional equity trading desk at Morgan Stanley. 

He founded the first international dedicated hedge fund in the nineties, which delivered a 1,000% return in a decade.

Foreseeing a significant market crash and missing the adrenaline of the financial markets, he founded the Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader in 2008. Followers of his Trade Alert Service have earned a blockbuster return of 44% a year for the past decade. His publication is now essential reading for tens of thousands of followers in 137 countries.

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Tyler wood

Tyler Wood

THU NOV 10 • 3:00 PM EST

Why Technical Analysis Works for Every Investment Process

Join us for a CMT Program information session and learn directly from the CMT Association’s Managing Director, Tyler Wood. Tyler will discuss how key concepts covered in the CMT program apply to the current market environment and the performance of investment managers in any market regime.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

  • Market Breadth
  • Relative Strength
  • Price Trends and Divergence

These concepts are some of the most widely used technical tools in the industry and are foundational in the CMT Program learning objectives.

If you are a current or aspiring professional in the financial services industry, this session is for you. CMT Charterholders lead the field of asset management, market research, and institutional trading.

Three levels. Three letters. A lifetime of career opportunities. 

About Tyler Wood

Tyler Wood is the Managing Director of Global Business Development at the CMT Association. In collaboration with CMT Association members and charterholders, Tyler has presented the tools of technical analysis around the world to investment firms, regulators, exchanges, and broker-dealers.

As an executive manager over the past 20 years, Tyler has built and brought products to market in the educational technology space and financial services industry. Throughout his career, Tyler has managed brand, communications, and sales teams to drive top-line revenue growth for public, private, and non-profit entities.

Prior to joining the CMT Association, Tyler worked in management consulting and publishing. Tyler graduated from Macalester College and received his MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

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Marina Villatoro

Marina Villatoro

THU NOV 10 • 4:00 PM EST

Become A Profitable Trader - Get Back to the Basics of Day Trading

Join Marina, a veteran trader, and educator as she discusses:

  • Busting Myths when it comes to Day Trading
  • Understanding Day Trading Lingo and Applying it to your strategy
  • Market Movement and Patterns
  • Simplifying Indicators and Technical Analysis
  • Putting it all together to take High Probability Trade Setups

About Marina Villatoro

Marina ‘The Trader Chick’, specializes in helping people to Day Trade with confidence and ease. She simplifies the process by completely breaking down the art of identifying high probability trade setups. Even if you are just getting started, you could learn to day trade profitably and read the markets like a pro. You will be amazed at how simple it can be!

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Jeff Kilian

Jeff Kilian

THU NOV 10 • 5:00 PM EST

How to Trade the Market Volatility like a True Professional

In this webinar, Jeff will target the three major hurdles that traders at all levels continue to struggle with, even today. He will target the time-tested techniques every trader needs to know to become a professional in today's volatile markets.

In this session, Jeff will discuss:

  • How to identify with Major Market turning points.
  • Volume Analysis: The relative comparison of volume to prices and exactly what it signals.
  • Divergence Analysis: Prices are saying one thing, but the Money Flow Indicators are revealing where the Market is headed soon enough.

Jeff will expose the true mechanics behind price movement that are created by the "Smart Money" so you learn how to identify with "True High Probability Trading Opportunities." Remember, your greatest positional advantage in trading for a living is to "Find, Track and Trade" in the same direction as the largest institutions.

Traders at all levels who attend this webinar will walk away with a new understanding of how the market moves and how to trade it. The VTC Model Strategies have proven trading application to any freely traded Market with sufficient liquidity like Stocks, ETFs, (ES) E-Mini Futures (YM) Dow E-Mini Futures, (NQ) Nasdaq E-Mini Futures, and (CL) NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil.

About Jeff Kilian

Jeff Kilian is a 20-year true Trading Professional in every sense of the word. Superior analytical skills combined with a highly trained End of Day and Real-Time trading background mark him as one of the finest overall Traders and Trading Mentors in the world today.

Jeff's vision of duplicating himself has emerged as a Consortium of highly proficient traders. They understand the market inside and out and operate under the pretense that risk mitigation is the mainstay for longevity.
Jeff has been in the educational business for over 12 years. The Vector Traders Consortium levels the playing field so that you have equal access to the same information that only the largest trading institutions use, to make daily trading decisions.

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Daniel Sinnig

Daniel Sinnig

FRI NOV 11 • 10:00 AM EST

Next Level Trading: Auto-Optimization, Odds Prediction and Spearhead Scanning

Imagine playing poker when you know the potential chance of success before the first card is even dealt. You would sit out the hands when the odds are against you and play the hands when the odds are in your favor. While in poker, this would require “stacking the deck” and cheating, in trading, it is an industry best practice to evaluate probabilities as part of your trading strategy.

TradingIndicators.com has developed a set of intelligent indicators that give clear entry signals and insights into their historical performance. Each long or short signal comes with a statistical success rate. This is valuable information for any trader, as it supports making informed trading decisions. These indicators are self-optimizing and will automatically determine the best settings based on current market conditions. This means there is no need for second-guessing or trying to figure out the best settings manually. Instead, the indicators do the heavy lifting for you.

On top of it, their talented development team has built a next-generation scanning method that utilizes the optimal parameterization on a per-symbol basis. This never-seen-before technique will not only allow you to find individually optimized entry signals but also rank the signals further so that you can focus on the most promising opportunities.

Join Daniel Sinnig, Managing Partner at TradingIndicators.com, for a game-changing presentation. Whether you are a day trader, swing trader, or investor, these self-aware and auto-optimizing indicators can change the way you trade.

About Daniel Sinnig

Daniel is a successful trader and professional software engineer with over two decades of building powerful algorithms. Dr. Daniel Sinnig holds a Ph.D. and has a wealth of experience in the industry, with large financial institutions including Morgan Stanley. He is the founder and managing partner of Trading Indicators an online trading portal offering innovative tools for all investors.

Daniel and his talented team develop investment solutions, analytic dashboards, trading indicators, and automated strategies that are compatible with different platforms including MetaStock. His team employs concepts from algorithmic design, machine learning, and technical analysis to build intelligent indicators that generate predictive signals.

Daniel uses his own experience as a trader to focus on software features and end-to-end algo services that make market sense. His team also builds unique web-based Trading Dashboards with rich visuals to fill the current gap in the market.

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Kevin Nelson

Kevin Nelson

FRI • NOV 11 • 11:00 AM EST

Identifying Trendline Breakouts

Have you ever wanted to know how to use MetaStock to help you identify trendline breakouts? In this informative webinar, Kevin will walk you through what you need to know to take full advantage of the trendline tools available in MetaStock. Using these tools, you’ll learn how to create an Exploration looking for trendline breakouts, create custom trendline indicators and even backtest trendline strategies! You won’t want to miss this one.

About Kevin Nelson

Kevin Nelson is the founder of Breakaway Training Solutions (BTS) and LearnMetaStock.com. He has been using technical analysis and MetaStock software for over 27 years. Formerly a stock broker with Edward Jones, Kevin joined Equis International in 1993. In his role as Sales Manager, he taught technical analysis methods using MetaStock software throughout the US and parts of Canada.

In response to customer demand for more in-depth, customized training, Kevin left the firm in May 2008 to form his own company, and became the exclusive provider of live training for MetaStock. Since that time, he has become well known for his best-in-class technical analysis and Metastock training.

Kevin’s passion for trading, and his love for technical analysis, come through in his classes. His easy-to-understand approach is considered to be the best in the industry.

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Mark Leibovit

Mark Leibovit

FRI • NOV 11 • 12:00 PM EST

Forecasts for the Major Markets

Market students and traders know that technical indicators are often leading, coincident or lagging indicators of a reversal.  The Leibovit Volume Reversal (tm) is in the forefront of leading other technical indicators, especially for trading purposes. 

We will be looking at both individual stocks and ETFs.

Mr. Leibovit also incorporates cyclical studies in his work and time permitting we take at look at these as well.

About Mark Leibovit

MARK LEIBOVIT is Chief Market Strategist for LEIBOVITVRNEWSLETTERS.COM a/k/aVRTrader.Com. His technical expertise is in overall market timing and stock selection based upon his proprietary VOLUME REVERSAL (TM) methodology and Annual Forecast Model.

Mark's extensive media television profile includes seven years as a consultant ‘Elf’ on “Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street Week” television program, and over thirty years as a Market Monitor guest for PBS “The Nightly Business Report”. He also has appeared on Fox Business News, CNBC, BNN (Canada), and Bloomberg, and has been interviewed in Barrons, Business Week, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

In the January 2, 2020 edition of TIMER DIGEST, Mark Leibovit was ranked the #1 U.S. Stock Market Timer and was previously ranked #1 Intermediate U.S. Market Timer for the ten year period December 1997 to 2007.

He was a 'Market Maker' on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Midwest Options Exchange and then went on to work in the Research department of two Chicago based brokerage firms. Mr. Leibovit now publishes a series of newsletters at www.LeibovitVRNewsletters.com. He became a member of the Market Technicians Association in 1982.

Mr. Leibovit’s specialty is Volume Analysis and his proprietary Leibovit Volume Reversal Indicator is well known for forecasting accurate signals of trend direction and reversals in the equity, metals and futures markets. He has historical experience recognizing, bull and bear markets and signaling alerts prior to market crashes. His comprehensive study on Volume Analysis, The Trader’s Book of Volume published by McGraw-Hill is a definitive guide to volume trading. It is now also published in Chinese. Mark has appeared in speaking engagements and seminars.

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Ed Downs

Ed Downs

FRI • NOV 11 • 1:00 PM EST

Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence for MetaStock

Are you looking for an edge? Join us as Ed Downs, founder of Fulgent Technologies, demonstrates how A.I. can dramatically improve your trading results. Ed will cover the following topics in the webinar.

  • Does A.I. work? Why some A.I. methods are better at predicting the market than others.
  • How Fulgent AI combines hundreds of indicators to find highly profitable trading rules.
  • How to easily create your own A.I. Experts using simple indicators in MetaStock.
  • Examples of both historical and live trades.

In addition to seeing Fulgent AI in action, you will understand how A.I. can give you an advantage in your trading and the right questions to ask when you evaluate any A.I. Trading System.

About Ed Downs

Ed Downs, Software Engineer, and veteran trader launched Fulgent Technologies in 2019, using AI technology developed by Nirvana Systems, Inc. from 1996 through 2018. Over the past 22 years, Mr. Downs has led his team to apply AI methods to intelligently identify the many high-probability opportunities that appear every day in freely-traded markets, and especially Chart Patterns.

In 2003, Ed and his team built the first Chart Pattern Recognition software, which has been improved ever since. Currently, in its 6th revision, the Chart Pattern Engine is second to none in terms of its ability to find all the major chart patterns that appear in charts.

The goal of Fulgent AI is to provide the best possible trade Ideas for the end-user. The Chart Pattern Engine for MetaStock brings the power of Chart Pattern Recognition to all MetaStock users.

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Norman Hallet

Norman Hallet

FRI • NOV 11 • 2:00 PM EST

Trading in the Zone: The Four Keys

To be in a relaxed, confident, and focused state of mind when you trade sounds foreign to many traders. Sure, you've likely been in the zone for an hour or a day, so you know how it feels. But learning how to trade in the zone every time takes understanding some simple facts.
Stress (good stress?) comes with the trading territory. Right?


In working with traders over the last two decades, it's clear that a relaxed, confident, and focused state of mind is being achieved every day by those who understand the 4 Keys to Trading in the Zone. What's amazing is that most traders are just one or two steps away from living in the zone when they trade!

All the great trading systems won't get you there.Spend this hour with me, and we'll open the door to the ZONE together!

About Norman Hallet

Norman Hallett has been a trader and trading educator for over four decades. From 1981 to 1988, he ran one of the largest options firms in the country and later worked as a commodity specialist for PaineWebber.

In 1991 he formed The Hallett Group, managing large trading accounts for individual investors as a Commodity Trading Advisor.

He owns and operates The Disciplined Trader, founded in 2000. He focuses on helping traders with the too-often-neglected art of mental and emotional control and the building of ‘Simple Trading Plans’ ™.

Mr. Hallett is a popular speaker at Trading Expos and countless international venues.

He has over a million views of his “4 Minute Drills for Traders” on YouTube, where he gives tips and techniques for being a more successful trader.

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Ken Calhoun

Ken Calhoun

FRI • NOV 11 • 3:00 PM EST

How to Trade Winning Gaps & Breakouts

Ken Calhoun will show you how to trade new stock swing trading gap & breakout patterns for 2022's volatile markets. You will learn practical, step-by-step patterns to use when trading gap and breakout entries with candle charts and how to find and manage your trade entries from start to finish.

In this fast-paced session, you will learn how to:

  • Find the best-moving swing trading breakout charts to trade
  • Avoid false breakouts with the use of volume & candlestick patterns
  • Set your entries for trading gap continuations for multiday swing trades
  • Time your exits to avoid significant stops and missed profits
  • Trade inverse ETFs like UVXY and SQQQ that go up during market selloffs

About Ken Calhoun

Popular trading pro Ken Calhoun is a former corporate statistician, quality engineer, and Fortune-500 consultant. Ken brings a wealth of professional real-money trading experience to the markets and has traded over four million dollars in equity trades in a single year. Ken is a graduate of UCLA and has been featured in CBS Marketwatch, The Street, Fidelity, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, and MoneyShow Traders' Expos.

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