Are you missing the big price moves? Does it seem like everybody else gets in big trades and you are not? If you recognize the reoccurring investor sentiment patterns, you gain a huge advantage for knowing when a big breakout price move is about to occur.

Learn what indicators identify setups to maximize profits for breakout trades.  

  1. Recognize high probability trade setups before a breakout occurs
  2. Learn how to enter breakout trades as they are occurring
  3. Learn when and where to successfully enter breakout trades after they occur
  4. Discover “hidden breakout trades”most investors do not recognize

Take advantage of this information in our breakout trade session. This training expands your trading insights. You will know exactly which trades will produce continued profits as they are occurring.

One of the keys to being a successful trader is knowing the correct strategies for the appropriate trade and knowing exactly what to do.

You will be exposed to a step-by-step process that keeps the guesswork out of your trades.

Imagine having the ability to identify when a big price breakout move is about to occur. And then knowing the exact option strategy to apply. Simple entry strategies will put you into successful trades with an extremely high degree of accuracy. 

About Stephen W. Bigalow

Stephen W. Bigalow possesses over thirty years of investment experience, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms:Kidder Peabody & Company, Cowen & Company, and Oppenheimer & Company. (Followed by fifteen years of commodity trading, overlapped with twelve years of real estate investing) He holds a business and economics degree from Cornell University and has lectured at Cornell and at many private educational investment functions over the past thirty years.

Mr. Bigalow has advised professional traders, money managers, mutual funds and hedge funds, and is recognized by many in the trading community as the "professional's professional." He is an affiliate of the "Market Technicians Association". ( - A non-profit association of professional technical analysts) and a member of AAPTA, the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. (

“The trend is your friend" is now delivered in a package you can use. John Osborn will show you how MQ Trender Pro 2.0 can improve your trading in several ways:

  • Learn how to make smarter trades by using this proprietary tool
  • Use this tool to ride out larger moves for higher gains
  • Learn how to Avoid Market Chop and Stay on the Right Side of the Trend
  • Reduce Risk with better trading decisions
  • Get the Edge You Need to Win In Any Market Condition

John will demonstrate how MQ Trender Pro 2.0 can help you no matter what trading style you use, as he reviews how it’s performed in recent market moves. You’ll learn why MTP2 is one of Base Camp Trading’s most important indicators, and it’s available now on MetaStock.

About John Osborn

John Osborn wears a lot of hats at Base Camp Trading. He is a trading analyst and instructor that you will find in the trading rooms from time to time. Additionally, John develops trading indicators, strategies and documentation to help BCT members and clients find trading opportunities in alignment with our trading strategies. John is a software engineer and trader with over 20 years of trading experience, including a background in designing human machine interfaces for submarine systems for the Department of Defense, and managing projects and project management positions at a large pharmaceutical company. John has also been a collegiate computer science instructor.

Discover how you can use two simple indicators to accurately predict whether the market is likely to go up or down over the next few days, or even weeks. Better yet, you can have access to this powerful information up to 3 days in advance! This works for stocks, futures, forex and options. Regardless of whether you are just getting started in trading, or you are a seasoned pro, this is must-have information to make money in the markets.

About Jeff Tompkins

Jeff Tompkins, a professional stock, options and futures trader, has a BS in Finance from Santa Clara University and over 20 years of experience trading the markets. Jeff is also a professional hedge fund manager at Altos Capital. Jeff’s successful career led him to create Altos Trading, LLC in order to help others achieve financial freedom through consistent and profitable trading strategies.

Though many of our strategies and systems use momentum signals to carry us through our trades, there are always spaces where our signals will fail us.

Strengthening our knowledge of price behavior will give us an additional edge, no matter which of our strategies we employ. So how do we do this?

In our time together, we will learn that price does only three things, and every time a turn is on the horizon, the same pattern occurs with small variations. Focus on the pattern and the strength of any of your signals will be amplified.

Join Anne-Marie for the exciting journey down Price Behavior Discovery and see your win rate and risk exposure improve.

About Anne-Marie Baiynd

Anne-Marie Baiynd is the president and CEO of and its chief market analyst. Trading since 2005, she has been using the simple concepts of support and resistance, combined with wave formations to create trading strategies that deliver results in many market environments and across all instruments. Ms. Baiynd is a regular contributor to Benzinga, See It Market and is active across social media. Her educational background is as a mathematical statistician and neuroscience researcher. She can be reached at and @AnneMarieTrades

Price Headley’s BigTrends Toolkit has been one of the most successful and popular add-ons released for MetaStock. In this one-hour webinar, we’re going to show you the latest and most exciting release, the BigTrends Toolkit version 3.0.

Price will discuss his time-tested BigTrends trading methodologies designed to help you find and trade the best opportunities.

He will also introduce his most powerful innovation –the "Percent Above Moving Average" Indicator.

The "Percent Above Moving Average" Indicator finds stocks with highly unusual momentum. If these high momentum stocks also meet other key criteria then you could be in for the ride of a lifetime!

Price will also discuss another popular indicator – the Big Trend Bands.

These new bands are designed to spot when a security is moving out of a trading range and into a trending range, providing traders with a great opportunity to buy into strength.

Join this live web event and be among the first to see this amazing new trading toolkit from BigTrends.

About Price Headley

Price Headley is the founder of, which provides investors with specific real-time stock and options strategies and investment education to profit from significant market trends.

Price has appeared on CNBC, Fox News, CNNfn, Bloomberg Television, and a variety of print and online financial news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, USA Today, and Bloomberg Personal. Timer Digest recognized the success of's investment strategies by ranking Price among the Top 10 Market Timers for stock market timing. Now you can use Price’s award-winning strategies exclusively in MetaStock.

Given the hundreds of indicators and strategies available to traders, how do we know which to choose?

Do you want a strategy that allows you to trade several times a day? week? or year?

Which fits your risk tolerance? Are you willing to take larger drawdowns in exchange for larger possible returns? Or are you more comfortable with a “Turtle”approach?

This one-hour session will show you how MetaStock's PowerTools will help find the answers to your questions and reveal the best approaches that fit you. You'll discover:

  • Your 'comfort zone' for risk/reward
  • Test results directing to the best method that works for your trading style
  • Tools to help you tweak your strategies and compare Stop and Max profit techniques
  • How to focus your technical analysis education around the methods that have worked historically on the stocks you want to trade
  • How to get automated alerts based on the system you select
  • How to scour the market quickly to find only those trades that meet your criteria
  • How to predict probable price movement in a security

About Jeff Gibby

Jeffrey Gibby has been working for MetaStock for 23 years. He is currently in charge of our sales and business development teams and works to create new MetaStock distributors and partners worldwide. Among his areas of responsibilities are the management of new products and services for MetaStock and creating strategic partnerships.

Mr. Gibby works with training companies to help people learn the power of MetaStock. He has spoken to traders from around the world and has trained groups large and small on how to use the software and trade various markets.

Strategies that generate signals within an already strong trend are called "continuation" strategies. But how exactly are these signals generated?

Join Steven Primo, 44-yr. veteran trader and former Stock Exchange Specialist as he teaches you “How To Buy High And Sell Higher.”This method fits in perfectly with the current volatile markets we’ve been experiencing.

By the end of this educational presentation, you’ll know the basic entry to a "continuation" method that can be applied to virtually any market, time frame, and direction. Whether you are new to trading or an experienced pro, you can’t afford to miss this presentation.

  • Strategy can be applied to ANY market or time frame
  • Method applies a unique indicator setting that you'll learn
  • By the end of the presentation, you'll know all of the basic trading rules

About Steven Primo

Steven Primo has been actively involved in trading the markets for over 42 years. His trading tenure began in 1977 when he was hired to work as a Floor Reporter, or "runner,”on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange. 

Primo reached the pinnacle of his floor-trading career when he became a Stock Exchange Specialist for Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jennrette. As a Specialist he was responsible for making markets in over 50 stocks, a position Primo held for 9 years. 

Primo left the Stock Exchange floor in 1994 to focus on managing money and to teach his own unique approach to trading the markets. Scores of students, from beginner to advanced levels, have gone on to become successful traders after being introduced to Primo's proprietary methods of trading. 

Steven has also been featured in "Stocks and Commodities" magazine and is a frequent contributor to many sites such as Tradingmarkets, FXstreet, Forex Pros and Traders Expo. His strategies are now traded across the globe in over 100 countries on 6 continents.

While most traders look here and there for the latest market driving news tidbits. I say "It's All In The Charts." In fact, a chart is nothing less than a visual "look" at all the news, government reports, insider movements, and traders' reactions to all of that information, all built into one static-free, emotion-free picture. The Daily Chart.

Using The OMNI (Oscar's Market Navigational Indicator) approach to technical analysis, traders can project the next market move about to occur with an eyebrow-raising high degree of accuracy. 

Even more important to a trader than how to spot the next market move is the knowledge of where, why, and how to place a protective stop on either long or short positions. As traders, we are all aware of how lightning-fast markets can make an unexpected move at any time. A trader's stop placement is even more important than the trader's decision of where to enter the market. 

Join me as I give you a short course on reviewing charts and how to use them as a road map to the next market move instead of living in a 24-hour news dissemination nightmare.

About Oscar Carboni

Born in Manhattan and raised in Staten Island, Michael (Oscar) Carboni stumbled upon the exciting world of commodities trading while a freshman college student visiting his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Lisa, who had just gotten a job on the floor. Soon the lure of big money in the fast-paced, pressure-packed 'pits' (as brilliantly captured in the movie 'Trading Places' with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd) prompted Oscar to pursue a full-time career on the Commodities Exchange.

Working the floor by day, Oscar took evening classes at the New York Institute of Finance. Under the tutelage of world-renowned analyst John J Murphy, Oscar became a well-respected analyst among his peers and soon started his own successful order execution, trading and analysis firm. His consistently reliable advice drew attention from investors around the world, and at the request of his clients, Oscar has traveled the world many times over solidifying existing and forging new relationships in the international community.

After many years in the pressure cooker floor environment, Oscar combined his technical savvy with his floor experience to create a unique 'hybrid' style of analysis which he has begun to share with the world through his new daily video series 'Short Term Trading with Oscar', which is available through his website www.futurestraders.comand on Youtube.

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