MetaStock Training - version 11 and before

These free online lessons are designed to help you learn to use MetaStock 11 and earlier versions. Select the video you wish to view and click on its title. View training videos associated with MetaStock 12 and above.

MetaStock Basic

MetaStock Quick StartHow to download MetaStock from your online account, install it and activate it for the first time.14:02
Opening a SecurityHow to open a security, change the load options for a chart, and add or edit a symbol.12:33
IndicatorsHow to apply built-in indicators to a chart, change the scaling options for indicators, and how to request custom formula help.12:05
Backing Up Your WorkBacking up your smart charts, template, layouts, saved charts, simulations, and results from the system tester and explorer. Password protecting and moving your formulas.15:49
Chart OptionsHow to use the chart options, including adding more data to an existing chart, changing the periodicity and customizing scale options. Viewing and/or changing the chart window properties, customizing title bars, tool bars and scale locations.23:37
Print FormatHow to personalize your print settings for charts and data. How the Format menu helps you modify the selected object, chart window, and inner window.22:59
Templates and LayoutsHow to create simple and multi-chart templates for your charts. How to create layouts.17:54
What's New in MetaStock 11Learn about the new features in MetaStock 11.8:32

MetaStock Advanced

Enhanced System Tester OverviewBasic overview of what the Enhanced System Tester is:what is used for, researching systems, and how to select a system test, securities, dates, and system tester options.20:43
Running a Simple SimulationHow to perform multiple system tests against a single and multiple securities and access the reports for the performed simulations.15:54
Line StudiesUnderstanding the concept of line studies. How to apply line studies to your chart.10:40
Application OptionsApplication options for MetaStock End of Day and MetaStock Professional for intraday data.25:51
The ExplorerGeneral overview of the Explorer, including selecting and running an exploration, and changing options for the Explorer.15:19
Expert AdvisorGeneral overview of the Expert Advisor, including how to attach/detach an expert. Purpose and function of the expert advisor commentary window.15:42

Downloader Training

The DownLoader is not applicable for MetaStock versions 12 and above.
Creating a new folder and securitiesHow to update your symbol database, create new folders, add securities, and collect, adjust and delete data.13:02
Converting MetaStock data to ExcelHow to convert your downloaded data to Excel format12:48
Custom Symbol FileHow to create user defined custom symbol lists for MetaStock and The Downloader.16:28