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MetaStock Product Updates

These utilities contain updated patch files for the current release of MetaStock RT and DC. These utilities can be run directly from MetaStock.com, and will locate and replace existing files.

  • Performance Systems Plus

Performance Systems Plus contains 80 performance (perf) explorations. The Performance Systems Plus was created by Trading Systems Analysis devised to simulate a limited system test using the Explorer. The Performance Systems Plus works with MetaStock RT and MetaStock DC v18 and later.

Download Performance Systems Plus File

Download Performance Explorations PDF

  • Commitment of Traders

Commitment of Traders contains 93 indicators, 21 expert advisors, and 21 layouts. The Commitments of Traders (COT) Report is a weekly publication that shows the holdings of the different types of participants in the US Futures Markets. This report is published each Friday by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). The COT report seeks up-to-date information on futures market operations and increases transparency for the participants in the market. This file is designed to display this Commitment of Traders data in MetaStock. The Commitment of Traders requires an active XENITH data subscription or an active DataLink data subscription that includes Futures data. The Commitment Of Traders install works with MetaStock RT and MetaStock DC v18 and later.

Download Commitment of Traders File

  • BroadMarket Real-Time

BroadMarket RT contains 14 indicators, 1 expert advisors, and 1 layout. BroadMarket RT includes Monetary indicators that display monetary/interest rate conditions that affect the stock market. The monetary indicators tracked by BroadMarket RT include four interest rates (the Prime Rate, the Federal Funds Rate, 13-week T-Bills, and 26-week T-Bills), the rates-of-change of these four interest rates, and composite monetary models of the rates-of-change. Other monetary indicators include the Japanese Yen, the Euro, Gold, and Silver. BroadMarket RT includes one pre-defined layout designed to give you a quick overview of the Monetary market and six broad market indicators. BroadMarketRT requires an active XENITH data subscription. The BroadMarket RT install works with MetaStock RT v17 and later.

Download Broad Market Real-Time File

  • BroadMarket Daily Charts

BroadMarket DC contains 86 indicators, 3 expert advisors, and 3 layouts. BroadMarket DC includes the Market momentum indicators; also referred to as tape indicators; are typically based on either a market index (such as moving averages or rates-of-change) or breadth (indicators which use advancing/declining, up/down volume, or new highs/lows). These indicators quantify the movement (momentum) of the market itself and have a very strong correlation with changes in the stock market. BroadMarket DC includes three pre-defined layouts designed to give you a quick overview of the Monetary market and the NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges. BroadMarket DC requires an active DataLink WorldWide Indices data subscription. The BroadMarket DC install works with MetaStock DC v17 and later.

Download BroadMarket Daily Charts File

  • SectorStat

SectorStat contains 238 indicators, 20 templates, 20 experts advisors, and 1 exploration. There are 17 indicators for each of 10 US market sectors plus another 17 indicators for the US overall market. There are 39 indicators for the seven world market experts. In addition, SectorStat includes an indicator called the Market Sector Rotation Model. The templates and experts are intended to work together to enhance market analysis. SectorStat requires an active XENITH subscription or an active DataLink North American Stock Data and Indicies for global analysis. The SectorStat install works with MetaStock RT v17 and later.

Download SectorStat File

  • AlphOmega Elliott Wave

AlphOmega Elliott Wave contains over 500 indicators, 53 explorations, 27 system tests, 14 expert advisors, and 25 templates. The AlphOmega Elliott Wave theory concluded that the movement of the stock market could be predicted by observing and identifying a repetitive pattern of waves. AlphOmega Elliott Wave practitioners use their determination of the wave count to predict the time span and magnitude of future market moves ranging from minutes and hours to years and decades. The AlphOmega Elliott Wave install works with MetaStock RT and MetaStock DC v17 and late.

Download AlphOmega Elliott Wave

  • Jake Bernstein XC Complimentary

Expansion Contraction - XC is an indicator based on Jake Bernstein's Moving Average Channel indicator which has been used by traders for over 35 years and proven reliable in markets across multiple time frames. At a glance, support and resistance, buy and sell signals, trend, trend strength, overbought and oversold can be easily determined. An overview of the Expansion Contraction - XC indicator can be viewed at the November 2022 Conference on youtube.com/metastock. The Jake Bernstein XC install works with MetaStock RT and DC v18 and later.

Download JakeBernsteinXCComplimentary File

  • Complimentary Go-No-Go Install

The Complimentary Go-No-Go install contains 1 expert advisor and 1 template. The Go-No-Go complimentary install works with MetaStock RT and DC 17.5 and later. For information on the full Go-No-Go Add-On contact MetaStock Sales.

Download Complimentary Go-No-Go Install