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MetaStock custom formula work* is available for registered MetaStock users who want to develop their own trading ideas within MetaStock but aren't yet comfortable using the MetaStock formula language to develop it themselves. Whether you want to create formulas for indicators, system tests, explorations or the expert advisor, the MetaStock Formula team can help you.

Before requesting assistance with creating your custom formula, you may want to review our collection of custom formulas, the ones posted to the external forum, or our MetaStock Formula Primer. The custom formula collection on our website and the external forum are free and non-proprietary, and may suit your needs:

The MetaStock Formula team responds to custom formula requests during regular business hours which are M/T/Th/F, 8am to 5pm Mountain Standard Time and Wednesdays from 9:00am to 5pm MST, excluding holidays and weekends.

Due to the inherent complexity in the design and creation of trading systems, MetaStock's Formula Team only provides custom formula support and requests via email. There is a $30.00 charge** for each custom formula request. When completing the form below please be sure to include detailed definitions for 'common term' examples, including terms like pivot point, peak and high or low swing. Any changes or conversions to the custom formula will be handled as a new formula request along with the associated fee. Once you complete the form below and click "Submit", you will then be taken to our shopping cart where you will complete your order. Please allow a minimum of ten business days for design and creation of your custom formula request. We may contact you if clarification of your custom formula request is needed.

Thank you,

The MetaStock Formula Team

* Please note: this service is available for registered MetaStock users only.

** The $30 custom formula fee is based on the average custom formula request. Exceptionally complex or long requests may require an additional fee. The MetaStock Formula Team will evaluate each request and decide if an additional fee is warranted. Should further payment be required, the customer will be contacted before any work is performed. The customer can accept the additional charges at that time or refuse and receive a refund for the initial fee.

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