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DataLink Monthly Maintenance - Wednesday 9am-10am MST

Every Wednesday from 9am-10am MST the DataLink service will be conducting maintenance, during this maintenance window the DataLink service may be unavailable.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, if there are any questions or concerns please contact MetaStock at the following. 

MetaStock Support - 180-506-0999 or 

MetaStock Sales - 1-800-882-3040 or 

Thank you, 

MetaStock Management

Removal of Reuters Polls from XENITH - Effective Date - Nov 16th, 2020

Effective 16-Nov-2020, Refinitiv will be removing access to Reuters Polls data across the XENITH platform\datafeed.


 =ECI instruments will no longer be accessible on the XENITH platform and we will be switching these to =ECIX instruments. The difference between these two instruments is that =ECIX instruments do not have Reuters Polls and SmartEstimate. This will affect user experience for Economic Monitor and Economic Indicator Apps. Please note that you will not be able to chart the =ECI instruments, however, you will be able to chart =ECIX instruments.


Affected Apps:

Economic Monitor

Economic Indicator App

Eikon charts for =ECI instruments

MetaStock charts for =ECI instruments


For questions regarding this change please contact MetaStock Support at the following.





URGENT - Mandatory MetaStock DC (EOD) Upgrade

To ensure users of MetaStock DC (EOD)  are able to log into the product after March 31st, 2021 please ensure that the product has been upgraded to the latest version.  The latest versions are listed below and can be downloaded from My Account - My Downloads.

To find the version of MetaStock DC (EOD) installed open MetaStock select - Help - About MetaStock.

Latest Versions:

  • MetaStock 13.1.2105501
  • MetaStock 14.0.2105501
  • MetaStock 15.0.2034202
  • MetaStock 16.1.2103602
  • MetaStock 17.5.2106302



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