MACD Histogram

These two formulas are for the Dr. Alexander Elder indicators.

The custom formula for the MACD Histogram is:

( Mov( C,12,E ) - Mov( C,26,E ) ) - Mov( ( Mov( C,12,E ) - Mov( C,26,E ) ),9,E )

The custom formula for the Weekly MACD Histogram utilizing daily data is:

Mov(If(DayOfWeek()=5,C,Peak(1,If(DayOfWeek()=5,C,0),1)),60,E) - Mov(If(DayOfWeek()=5,C,Peak(1,If(DayOfWeek()=5,C,0),1)),130,E) - Mov(Mov(If(DayOfWeek()=5,C,Peak(1,If(DayOfWeek()=5,C,0),1)),60,E) - Mov(If(DayOfWeek()=5,C,Peak(1,If(DayOfWeek()=5,C,0),1)),130,E),45,E)

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