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Guy Cohen - speaker

Guy Cohen

8:00 AM Singapore Time

How to Crack the 'Hidden Money Code' For Consistent Lifelong Profits

If you want to be successful in the markets, it pays to follow what the 'Big Money' is doing. After all, they're the sophisticated investors with the multi-million dollar research budgets. Follow them and you hitch a ride on their research for free.

In this training session, Guy will reveal what those 'Big Money Keys' are, why they work so well time and time again, and exactly how you can follow them with precision to make consistent profits for life.

Guy will also reveal the value of 'scarce information' and the impact that can have on your trading.

About Guy Cohen

An innovator in financial trading, Guy is the Chief Investment Strategist of OVI Traders.

He has decades of experience in the trading world and includes the New York Stock Exchange in his list of blue-chip clients, as well as professional money managers who use his technology to manage tens of millions of dollars of client funds.

Specializing in stocks and options, Guy has written four best-selling trading books, published by the Financial Times and Wiley, focused on making trading easy and profitable for home-based traders.

Guy has an MBA (Finance) from Cass Business School, London

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Marc Belnick - speaker

Marc Belnick

9:00 AM Singapore Time

Creating Free Investments - A Winning Strategy for Successful Wealth Creation

Marc Belnick will illustrate how to create “Free investments”using his recently updated Bullish-Buy & Bearish-SellAdd-on for MetaStock.

“Free Investments”are created when a security price doubles in value and half the securities are sold –as well as when dividends are accumulated.

In addition, Marc will demonstrate the new “Bear Market Low”exploration which indicates all securities that are 50% or more below their previous highest high closing price and after one year has elapsed. This exploration is very useful for buying robust securities after a severe correction or a stock market crash when the security will make a V-shaped recovery. 

As well, All Time Low Short Sales for sectors or securities in a severe downtrend will be illustrated. This is particularly useful and profitable during bear markets.

About Marc Belnick

Marc Belnick has been involved in Global Equities and Derivative Markets (USA, South African, and Australian) spanning 3 decades, using fundamentals, money management, and technical trading systems.

After graduating from Wits Technikon (Johannesburg, South Africa, 1986) in Computer Data Processing Marc founded his Share Market Portfolio Management Company for 5 years before relocating to Australia in 1998.

Since 1998 Marc has been involved in the equities and derivatives market trading and investing on a full-time basis. Marc currently resides in Melbourne, Australia and is married with 3 children.

Marc has completed the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) Membership Exams(1994), Diploma of Financial Planning exams(Australia,2005) and has read over 60 books on all aspects of the stock and futures markets and has completed various accredited risk analysis, stock market, and investment courses during his stock market career.

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Hunter Smith - speaker

Hunter Smith

10:00 AM Singapore Time

Finding a Workflow that Works for You

Given the hundreds of indicators and strategies available to traders, how do we know which to choose?

Do you want a strategy that allows you to trade several times a day? week? or year?

Which fits your risk tolerance? Are you willing to take larger drawdowns in exchange for larger possible returns? Or are you more comfortable with a “Turtle”approach, as opposed to the “Hare”?

This one-hour session will show you how MetaStock's PowerTools will help find the answers to your questions and reveal the best approaches that fit you. You'll discover:

  • Your 'comfort zone' for risk/reward
  • Different test results directing to the best method that works for your trading style
  • Tools to help you tweak your strategies and compare Stop and Max profit techniques
  • How to focus your technical analysis education around the methods that have worked historically on the stocks you want to trade
  • How to get automated alerts based on the system you select
  • How to scour the market quickly to find only those trades that meet your criteria
  • How to predict probable price movement in a security

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Gary Burton - Speaker

Gary Burton

11:00 AM Singapore Time

Trading Strategies and Proof of Concept - A Simple Hands-on Method

Looking at simple weekly and daily price patterns, a very simple trading strategy can be developed. Gary will look at some simple and very repetitive price patterns and the statistical outcome as a proof of concept.

Along with a position sizing method, Gary will demonstrate how trading becomes a business.

About Gary Burton

Gary Burton is director of The Australian School of Technical Analysis, an independent educational facility for traders and investors, based in Sydney.

He is a member of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association ( APTA ) and holds the accreditation of Certified Financial Technician ( CFTe ) from the International Federation of Technical Analysts IFTA.

Gary conducts regular workshops in Technical Analysis with the Signature workshop, The Candlestick Master class. He has been teaching traders and investors how to trade the markets since 2004. He is also a regular contributor to "Your Trading Edge."

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Tim Straiton - speaker

Tim Straiton

12:00 Singapore Time

Trading as a Business

The Elasticity toolkit has been created in order to obtain maximum gains in both sideways and trending markets with minimum risk. The system performance results in almost all equity markets on a daily periodicity have proven to be exceptional.

For those who have the intention of relying on their trading activity to generate a constant source of income, there are various other aspects to consider. These have an important influence on the resulting trading performance and will all play their part in the formation of a sound business plan:

  • Trading psychology
  • Emotional self-control
  • Leverage
  • Fund allocation and position sizing
  • Cost control

About Tim Straiton

Born in London, Timothy Straiton is a British/Swiss investor domiciled in Zuürich, Switzerland. During the 1970s Straiton worked for Bank Leu in Zürich as a precious metal trader. At that time, the gold market was extremely volatile after President Nixon had dissolved the gold standard of US$ 35 per ounce of gold.

Straiton's outstanding talent as a market maker was soon recognized in trader circles and in 1978 until 1981 was engaged by the American Express Bank Zürich as The Chief Precious Metal Trader. Since then he has held various leading positions in the financial industry. He was a board member and active lecturer with the Swiss Association of Market Technicians from 1988 until 2015.

In 1995, he founded an asset management company in Zurich and became an official distributor and coach for MetaStock for Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein. He specializes in trading systems and strategy development for Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and Private Investors.

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Daryl Guppy - speaker

Daryl Guppy

1:00 PM Singapore Time

Not in Kansas Anymore

As Dorothy famously exclaimed to her dog, “Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”

It’s a good description of the current market which seems out of touch with the reality of the COVID economy. How do we deal with this condition? How do we trade? What tools or methods should be used?

In this Q&A session, Daryl Guppy answers the questions he is most commonly asked about surviving and managing risk in this Robin Hood market.

About Daryl Guppy

Daryl Guppy has provided trading and investment analysis of financial markets for more than 25 years. He trades his own capital. He has a well-established public record of successful trade calls for trading local and global equity, commodity and FX markets. He has unique experience in trading Western and mainland Chinese markets. He is recognized as an international investment master. 

Mr. Guppy has nine popular books published by John Wiley. These include “Trend Trading”and “The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders”. He has developed several technical indicators that are included in industry-standard software such as MetaStock and many other charting programs. Globally many traders use the technical indicators developed by Guppy to trade equities and other markets. 

Guppy is a regular host anchor on CNBC Asia where he is known as “The Chartman." He provided strategic market analysis for CNBC business television in a weekly column and regular TV interviews. Daryl is a regular contributor to financial magazines and media in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, and the US. He is a columnist in Singapore’s The Edge, Business Times, China Daily and Shanghai Security News. 

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